First you may have missed: Omnipotentis

So I just want to quickly say sorry this edition of FYMHM is so late. A bit of real life sucked the weekdays away from me, along with tempered elder dragons in Monster Hunter slowly sending me into a video game coma over the weekend I finally was able to get some reading and writing done.

With all the Moon Girl mania going on the past week and me being a Moon Girl fanatic I skipped over the first I was going to do for last week and decided to give you one fresh off the Wednesday warrior battlefield. This one is dedicated to Omnipotentis “Fantastic First”

Now I know Moon Girl’s name is sometimes followed by grunts and moans of non-believers but this is one that I think is pretty cool. If you are not caught up to speed, ever since the dropping of Devil Dinosaur Moon Girl has been teamed up with Johnny Storm, Ben Grim and H.E.R.B.I.E. in issue #27 she officially formed the fantastic 3(4th member to be revealed later in the arc). Recently they were visited by Silver Surfer and life-bringer Galactus and here is where things get interesting. Galactus explains to Moon Girl that just as Surfer is to him (messenger of the devourer of worlds) He is to another… Omnipotentis (the devourer of universes).

Maybe its just me but I think that’s pretty cool, a being who treats Galactus as if he were Silver Surfer and devours whole universes at a time! So here we are in Moon Girl issue #28 when we get the first appearance of Omnipotentis. This is a full-on first appearance, I mean, named, shown in full, multiple panels and speech. While I admit she looks similar to Proxima Midnight I love the character design. I think this is one that may appear across the Marvel Universe in the future and it is hinted she may have ties to the original Fantastic Four. If Reed and Sue ever return Omnipotentis may be involved. We all know one of the biggest Fantastic Four books ever printed features the coming of Galactus and this is that moment for Moon Girl. The solicits conveniently omitted the part of the cover that stated Omnipotentis would be making her first appearance so I’m sure no one spec’d on it as with #19. With Omnipotentis being one of the biggest Moon Girl threats to date I expect her to appear on the cartoon if it makes it to a season 2 and we all know how low Moon Girl books are printed so this is a first that can easily be missed.

Moon Girl issue #28 1st appearance of Omnipotentis. Print run currently unknown but only 1 cover no variants or incentives and with issue #27 selling only 6,689 (as per comicchron) you can expect this one to be one of the lowest printed 1st appearances in Marvel to date.

As always thank you for your time and remember Its better to have first and flip, then to never have first at all” — Valiant Horton

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