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Welcome back guys and im pretty excited about todays First You May Have Missed. This one will focus on Captain Marvel!!! No not that captain marvel….no not that one either….ok quasar!!!!! No not that one….ok Phyla-Vell!!!! In this “identity First”

Phyla-Vell is a cosmic heroin and a kree/titanian(?) hybrid. She is considered to be the daughter of the original Captain Mar-vell and sister to other Captain Marvel Genis-Vell. She first appeared at the end of Captain Marvel #16 of the 2003 series and was on the cover of #17 which changed the title to The New Captain Marvel. She has such a rich history in marvel comics which i will explore briefly and then you will see why she is a character ripe for the MCU picking and a big return in comics. *MCU spoilers ahead we are weeks past the release of Infinity War and i dont know if spoiler warnings are still needed but for the safety of the article you have been warned*.

Lets first state the obvious Phyla-Vell is 100% the inspiration for the current Captain Marvel. The hair the costume is all just a tweaked version of Phyla’s first appearance. But going forward Phyla has had many costumes some of which are my favorite designs in the marvel universe. Alright so lets dive into this character that sneaks around the Marvel universe touching many lives and story lines. First she thought she would take the title of CM from her brother after showing her immense power and defeating him, she was ultimately denied the chance to carry on the name. So this is a spec site right? Lets throw some MCU in here to spice things up a bit.

Clearly it is possible for Phyla to have ties or appear in the CM film or sequel. Yes i know it’s the Danvers based CM but im sure they can fit her in some how even as an antagonists if need be but let’s dig deeper. In infinity wars end credits we know CM was being called and half the population was wiped out. In Phyla’sorigin comic we do find out that she was created after her brother destroyed and recreated the universe (potential MCU problem solver story). Besides that Phyla is tied in tightly with our favorite guGuardians of the Galaxy as she was a team member alongside the popular team we see on-screen today. Another possible entry point to the MCU is through either Nova(which im pretty sure is coming) or Adam Warlock(who is definitely coming). She has a pretty deep story in annihilation conquest where she fights alongside nova against Annihilus and has many battles with dam warlock as well as team ups. Being how titan was established in infinity war explaining her titianian Dna would be easy and her connection to that can be used in the story line where she inadvertently freed Thanos (which i hope sticks around the mcu for a while) from his prison. lastly we know now from interviews with james Gunn that Gamora is trapped in the soul stone in the MCU. Well she was also trapped in the soul stone in the comics by adam warlock(not Thanos) and who did she see while there? None other than Phyla-vell (and magus) interesting. Also something to note is Phyla was recently featured on the guardians of the galaxy animated tv show….hmmmm i wonder why???? Even if that does not spell MCU for Phyla i think she is a great powerful character and i would not be surprised if i seen her return to comics soon with all this infinity stuff coming up.

This was a short one with a lot of speculation on the future of the MCU but still Phyla-vell is one of the coolest things to come out of modern marvel. Here’s the important stuff.

Captain Marvel #16 1st appearance of Phyla-vell sub 25k print run. It’s not super rare but not abundant either. I have found this book to be all over the place in pricing and availability but under 20 for a NM copy is an easy win. Graded copies are few and far between but have sold in the $200 rage.

Captain Marvel #17 some would consider 16 a cameo and this one has phyla on the cover with a print run 1k less than 16. The price is way cheaper i would always pick this one up too when digging for 16.
Before i end todays edition, if you have any comment questions or concerns that for some reason you cant or do not want to post down below or just want to say hello to me directly you can email me at and remember “Its better to have first and flip, then to never have first at all” — Valiant Horton

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