First You May Have Missed: Pink Goblin/Thunder Lizard

Welcome, it’s about that time for a First You May Have Missed. Today will be a simple and sweet one but being the Moon Girl enthusiast that I am, i can not resist a 1st appearance.

Lets jump right into this, Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #42 the first meeting of Moon Girl and Spider-Man, and who else would they fight? Well the Pink Goblin of course. Not much is really know about the Pink Goblin and this may be a character never seen again but hey we got green goblins red goblins and hobgoblins so who knows. Pink Goblin shows up while Moon Girl and Spider-Man are having an argument and is quickly thwarted by the duo.

At this point with Moon Girl still being new, the potential for growth is good and any 1st in the series can one day become relevant as the story continues, With that being said lets make this a Moon Girl double feature.

Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaurs #43 1st appearance of Thunder Lizard!!!! The day we have all been waiting for has finally come. Moon Girl and Thor get into a misunderstood battle and when she knocks his hammer from his hand it is grabbed by Devil Dinosaur changing him into Thunder Lizard.


Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaurs #42 sub 6k print run with one cover. 1st Pink Goblin and meeting Spider-Man. Hard pass for most but for Moon Girl gamblers clear out those dollar bins and wait with the rest if us.


Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaurs #43 9k print run 2 covers including a nice Battle Lines cover which i think accounts for the bump in print run. 1st appearance of Thunder Lizard and meeting with Thor. Just a fun comical book but doubt it will ever go anywhere to be honest.

Thank you for taking this Moon Girl appreciation trip with me this week and as always “its better to have first and flipped than to never have first at” -Valiant Horton.


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