First You May Have Missed: Power Man (Victor Alverez)

Welcome and welcome back to First You May Have Missed. Marvel sometimes makes your head spin with the sheer amount of 1st appearance they stick in books throughout the year. With champions being the new age avengers so to speak their roster is a good guideline look at for possible key characters in the future of marvel. While we all know most like Ms marvel and Miles Morales and I have already spoke about new comers such as Red Locusts whenever I pick this book back up i see new additions. While discussing the new team and inquiring about some of the new members my buddy Clint pointed me towards some articles and that is how I decided that Victor Alvarez will be the topic for today.

Victor Alverez AKA Power man first appeared in Shadowland Power Man #1.
He is the son of long time luke cage enemy Shades, and gained his powers during an explosion caused by Bullseye which also killed his father. When the explosion killed 107 people in the building Victor was able to absorb the “chi” from the victims to help him survive. How does this work exactly? Well let me try this out.

Apparently Shades Cyclops like eye-wear that shoots energy blast was created by the villain nightshade and uses bioelectricity (which seems to be similar to chi) and an absorbing crystal (still with me?). When Shades was blown up in the building his visor was shattered and the pieces embedded themselves into Victor giving him the power to absorb chi (or bio electricity or both) within his body to power himself up. This gives him super strength as well is invulnerability and also can be used to absorb Chi which makes him extremely dangerous to Iron Fist who he hates do to his father.

Instead of adopting a life of crime like his father Victor immediately took on the roll of hero (sometimes for hire) and helped defend Hells kitchen during the events of Shadowland. eventually he mended his relationship with the original heroes for hire Luke Cage and Iron Fist and was accepted as Power Man. Victor is currently set to return to comics in the new Champions #1 as part of the new team and i think he is not a bad addition. I know the consensus is Young Avengers hitting the MCU but i think i would much rather see a version of the Champions over YA. Say what you will about Chulk (brawn) but i will take him over hulkling (who is not a hulk at all) any day.

Here is where I usually do my rundown of the 1st appearance issues but wanted to try something new. This comes courtesy of T La Ross who creates these amazing first appearance images. Here is one for Victor Alvarez Power Man


And here is some for other character’s i have covered.












I wish I could make these into trading cards or some type of scrap-book and carry them with me on hunting days! Thank You T La Ross for the images and keep up the great work.

That does it for today and remember “it is better to have first and flip than to never have first at all” — Dale Valiant Horton


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