First you may have missed: Purple Woman

For this edition of First you may have missed I wanted to do something a little different. Being a speculation site I wanted to throw out some left field Hail Mary speculation and give us bin divers something else to add to the ever-shrinking list. I pulled the lid from my F.A.B. stash (first appearance box…stash) and proceeded to look for a character who may fit into current comic or MCU storylines. So here we go with today’s first you may have missed: Purple Woman / Girl / Persuasion.

Kara Killgrave, aka Purple girl aka Purple woman aka Persuasion, is a mutant and also the daughter of……you guessed it Zebediah Killgrave aka the Purple Man. Born to an ex-wife of Purple Man she did not have knowledge of her origin until she developed purple skin as an adolescent and was told by her mother about her father. Her first appearance is in Alpha Flight #41 where she coincidentally came across Northstar while he was on a leave of absence from Alpha Flight at a ski resort. It is here where a woman asks if she is going to be long in the bathroom and Kara accidentally instructs the women to jump off a cliff (I also sometimes discover my special abilities in the bathroom). The woman is saved by the vacationing Northstar, on whom Kara then puts the mind mojo and they retreat to a private island. Here we get a cool alligator fight scene (which is depicted on the cover, remember when covers represented what happened in comics?). She then demands to be taken to Alpha Flight and here is where this issue ends.

Her story continues and eventually, she becomes the first member of the new Beta flight team. From here she adopts the name Persuasion, has a few story arcs off and on as a hero with both Alpha and Beta Flight teams but is not greatly used by Marvel only appearing briefly in a few X title storylines. Mostly portrayed as a hero Kara also has villainous capabilities show when she was recruited into the anti-Alpha Flight team Alpha Strike. This versatility is what makes her a candidate for many storylines.

Here is where the Hail Mary speculation comes in. While I am not a Jessica Jones expert in the least (so feel free to correct me in the comments if I am wrong),  I cannot recall a time when Jessica Jones has met up with the offspring of her greatest and most feared foe and that is an untapped story with loads of possibilities. With Bendis now at DC the Jessica Jones comic is left to a new writer so who knows where the story will go. With Jones season 2 (and maybe more) on the way, wouldn’t a female version of Killgrave who happens to be his daughter from an estranged wife and bent on revenge against the homewrecker make for great tv? Just spitballing here (Marvel, feel free to send a check).

Also being a mutant during the reemergence of x teams galore, it’s a long shot, but Kara may be on someone’s list in the near future. She also has one more possible reintroduction to comics (and maybe a 1st introduction to thMCUcu) being an affiliate and sometimes member of Alpha Flight which is lead by Captain Marvel and tied to Black Panther (two characters Marvel is pushing for the next phase) I would not be surprised if she makes a minor appearance as a member or a major one as a member of Alpha Strike in the future.

So, quick recap, Kara Killgrave is basically the meeting point of everything Marvel except the Inhumans. Canadian, mutant, Alpha Flight, daughter of Jessica Jones’ main villain, mind control powers, mostly hero but member of Alpha Strike.

First apperance (full and cover): Alpha Flight #41 have fun pulling them out of boxes for cheap but be on the lookout for the newstand, direct, and the super elusive Mark Jewelers inserted copies.

BONUS FIRST: the 1st apperance of the Alpha Strike team (consisting of Citadel, Purple Woman, Ranark, Vindicator and The Wendigo) is Alpha Flight (vol.4) #3 (print run just under 25k), which is part of the Fear Itself event. It has a 1:15 variant cover by DALE (great name) EAGLESHAM that is nice and cheap but i really love his 1:15 variant for the next issue which features the Alpha Stike team in the cover (print run under 24k).

To the bins my comrades! As always thank you for your time and remember “It’s better to have first and flip, then to never have first at all” — Valiant Horton


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