First You May Have Missed: Ramone Watts (Alloy)

On today’s First You May Have Missed I will not talk about Naomi….or will I? Is the joke dry yet? Who knows but if I wrote Naomi and first appearance a bunch of times I may get a lot of views so Naomi Naomi.. ok back to real speculation. Today’s first you may have missed is going to focus on Ramone Watts possibly known as alloy!

Ramone Watts is a female surfer whose origins trace back to her mother being part of the Dora Milaje. Her brother is the hero Johnny Watts aka Fuse who has the power to turn into anything he touches like absorbing man, but he chooses to mostly turn into Vibranium which is why he carries Vibranium jewelry passed down to him from his mother. Ramone started out in Hawkeye #1 (Marvel now 2017) and at the time was just a friend to Kate Bishop, exhibiting no powers what so ever. She finished that series pretty much as an extra with no big future in Marvel comics until recently.



Fast forward to the current (now cancelled) West Coast Avengers where Ramone is the girlfriend to a pretty well know member, American Chavez. In issue #9 when America Chavez, her brother Johnny and a few others are captured Ramone insist on joining in the rescue efforts with Gwenpool. Here is when we are introduced to her origin story and her powers. Romane explains her Wakanden roots and shows off her power of being able to absorb and control Vibranium as she constructs a cool looking suit out if it. This convinces Gwenpool to bring her along and she demonstrates some pretty amazing powers making very short work of the cult holding our heroes hostage. In a recorded interview after the ordeal Romane’s brother says he thinks she’s going by the name alloy which is the only real mention we get of her name.

This is one to watch in my opinion, she has a strong history with Kate Bishop who we know is waiting to explode. She is the girlfriend of America Chavez who I feel will also see some shine very soon. She has roots in Wakanda who we all know will be the focus of many things going forward plus she has a killer costume! This is the type of first I really like when a character debuts and is developed later and almost in the final issue of a low printed series. The West Coast Avengers are set to team up with the superior Spider-man in war of the realms will Alloy join them? I see a possible surge for this character in the future.



Hawkeye #1 (2017) 1st Ramone Watts 70k print run. This book is definitely a pick up and readily available. being a #1 it had a bunch of variants including 2 1:25 and a 1:10. I would be grabbing the 1:25’s as they are available under ratio at the moment.



West Coast Avengers #9 (2019) 1st appearance of Ramone as Alloy not sure of the print run but issue #8 was only 13k so I expect less, plus its the penultimate issue I would grab these around cover all day.



West Coast Avengers #10 Final issue in the series and 2nd appearance of alloy and the first time we really see her in action. Again i am sure the print run will be around 11k and its a final issue with 1 cover, easy pick up.

Thank you all for reading my Not Naomi 1st appearance first you may have missed and remember “its is better to have Naomi and flip, than to never have Naomi at all” —-Valiant Horton


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