First You May Have Missed: Red Locust

Here we are with a first you may have missed. I pick a comic book first appearance that you may have overlooked and give you the rundown. Today we will be looking at Red Locust. “One first two first red first blue first” … OK, let’s begin.

Red Locust, real name Fernanda Ramirez first appeared in Champions #9. She goes on a mission with Viv and the two become close friends. Her powers seem to be contained within her bullet proof Locust armor which also gives her super strength and jumping abilities.

This is how you do a legacy character without doing a legacy character. Although not taking on the mantle or receiving a pass down from any known marvel hero, Red Locust is not without history. In her very detailed origin story which also happens to be in the back of the same book as her first appearance, she explains how the locust title and armor has been passed down for generations from a time before America was claimed by the United States.

Why does this matter? Well, that bit of info leaves the title of Red Locust open to easy retcons where older or former Red Locusts (I’m liking the sound of loci, but pretty sure it’s locusts) can appear teaming up with other heros in flashbacks or time travel stories giving Red Locust more exposure. The character design is actually decent. The colors of red and yellow make the costume noticeable and attractive but the bug like design makes it recognizably different from Iron Man/Heart.

Red Locust is also loosely based on, or at least an homage to, Mexican TV hero El Chapulín Colorado which gives her a slight edge of notoriety over randomly created heros.

Iñigo here … can’t believe it’s taken us almost 3 years to have a picture of El Chapulín Colorado on the site. Thanks, Valiant!!!

With a 27k print run and a regular price Mary Jane as Nova variant (which is not bad) I think this is a good pick up as prices are low and she will probably become a full-fledged member of the Champions team in the future.

Thanks for reading and remember, “Its better to have first and flip then to never have first at all” – Valiant Horton.

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