First You May Have Missed: Shoon’kwa (Atlas Bear)

Welcome back every one who you are enjoying this Endgame release weekend. Feel safe this is a spoiler free zone. Let’s jump right into this First You May Have Missed.

Shoon’kwa is a Wakandan general who was exiled due to her radical thoughts(more on that later) she first appears in Domino #7 where she hires Domino and her team to retrieve an asset for her despite being only 16. This asset turns out to be non other than Morbius the living vampire. With the success of the mission Shoon’kwa then ask the team to kill Long shot at which they refuse. This prompts her to set up a wager with Domino, if she is able to beat her in combat then she does the job. It is here in issue #9 that we get introduced to her persona Atlas Bear!


Fully decked out in bear fur and Wakandan weapons her and Domino face off with her being very formidable, Domino manages to get the win by charging them both into the ocean where Shoon’kwa’s gear is too heavy.

After the bout they begin to talk and here is where we get her pretty cool origin story. The atlas bears of Africa were all wiped out by hunters, Shoon’kwa born to a father who was a general and a mother who was part of the Dora Milaje was always considered to be to weak for the world.

When she fell deathly ill, after making peace with her passing she was visited by the actual last African bear who made a deal with her. The deal was to save her life but with it she would have to suffer the burden he has suffered which is seeing her kinda extinction.

So her ability is to see extinction level events and elements (or people) which cause them. She explains it as only being able to see possible dark futures.

This is why she wanted to stop Morbius as he was bringing about a vampire apocalypse and why she wants to kill long shot. This is also what has gotten her exiled from Wakanda. Domino and Atlas bear eventually come to an understanding and she also displays the ability to show these dark futures to her by touch.

This is exactly the type of first that i love, under the radar, not over hyped, cool origin, in a low printed obscure title with good writing and tied to other characters. While I doubt Atlas Bear will be a major player I do see the potential for her to be a B+ level character. Lets be honest we love Anti heroes and she has all the not afraid to kill but still maintain a code characteristics that go with the job.

With ties to Wakanda i would love to see her face off against Shuri who seems to be in a big push right now but debuting in a Domino book gives her the flexibility to not be only tied to Wakandan adventures. She is currently part of Domino’s Hotshots team and it seems she is there to stay.


Domino #7 21k print run. This is the first appearance of Shoon’kwa who later becomes Atlas Bear. It’s not a cameo it is a full appearance and with 1 cover its a no brainer don’t leave these sitting around.


Domino #9 20k print run. This is the first time Shoon’kwa suits up as Atlas Bear and where she tells her origin story. Also only 1 cover so i would snatch these up at cover price. This book is known to have horrible back cover color rub. It’s all black so it’s a nightmare, if you think you have a 9.8 candidate by any stretch it may be wise to get it graded and sealed ASAP as i cant see these books doing well in bins for years.


Thank you for reading hope you guys enjoyed and remember “its better to have first and flipped than to never have first at all” —- Valiant Horton


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