First You May Have Missed: Smoke

Hello everyone and welcome. Today we will travel back to a series I have enjoyed from the beginning. If you want to check out my opinion on the first arc check this article i did about a year ago here. Now with The silencer soon coming to a close I felt it necessary to spotlight what may be the last first appearance in the series Smoke. (if you have not read issue #15 yet come back later *** spoilers ***)

While on a mission to kill all super soldier clones Honor (the Silencer) comes across a cell with a mysterious Meta Human who has the power to phase into smoke. At first the women seems nice until she phases Honors body and with it learns all her thoughts and that she is there to kill her. While smokes abilities are not fully explained as she is first appearing in the recent Silencer #15 we do know that she can turn her body into smoke and back sold at will as when seen her rip out the chest of Raze honors partner and “brother”. Also what gives her an edge is that she can read your thoughts by passing through your mind and instantly knows about you which is how she discovered Honor’s intent to kill her and about Honor’s family.



A meta human who can not only phase through bullets and swords but can also read minds seems like a fighting enemy for a super secret assassin and being linked to the same program as Honor it is possible that whatever becomes of the Silencer after the series end Smoke may be around. With only 3 issues left but hints pointing towards Honor some how being a part of D.C.’s next big event this is one that can be a sneaky win or a big dude on a book doomed to end.



The Silencer #15 1st appearance of Smoke. No numbers yet but #14 had an 8k print run!!.

Why do I love The Silencer for spec as a whole? Small print runs, underestimated story, new character with ties to the greater DC universe and best of all no variants. Don’t get me wrong I’m not on the death to all variants train but how refreshing is it to have a series 15 issues in with only 1 cover per issue no ratio no cover B’s just normal release from day 1 (#1 has a same art 2nd print). I think this is a great spec book at a great time grab #1, grab #15 heck grab the whole series on the cheap and read it.

Thank you for reading and as always “its better to have first and flipped, than to never have first at all” —- Valiant Horton

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