First You May Have Missed: Speed Weasel

Hello everyone and welcome to First You May Have Missed. Today we will go back to the roots of why i started doing these articles, picking out very recent characters who many have overlooked because they were in obscure titles or just not popular announcements that came out during hectic weeks.

This one was originally someone who made me laugh at just how ridiculous she was. [shout out to Topher for introducing me and check out his article here.] Upon further reading I actually think she is a cool character. Today we will be following Speed Weasel(lets see how many times i can say Speed Weasel before ending this article).

Speed Weasel being fairly new does not have much information or back story. First appearing in a cameo at the end of Weapon Hex #1 Speed Weasel is the secret little sister of Weapon Hex (a mix of x-23 and Scarlet Witch) born and engineered by some sort of mix between science and magic. She is a mash-up of Gabby and Quicksilver, I know mash-ups, alternate universes, all the things that make things suck but surprisingly i find Speed Weasel (who’s real name is Gavril) very entertaining.

If you love Wolverine and you love speedster then this is a dream come true. At first i thought this would be handled as some stupid joke but the combination that is speed Weasel is actually somewhat terrifying. While i doubt marvel has any big plans for Speed Weasel I also have a sneaking suspicion that they are not yet done with these infinity warp characters.

With a cool costume design, a terrifying power combination, a twisted back story and ties to X-23, im liking the idea of Speed Weasel more and more everyday. Whenever we get a wolviverse(do we have that yet?) Or logengeddon i hope to see more Speed Weasel or who knows where she will turn up next. Not a big spec play here but you never know.




Weapon Hex #1 31k print run, first cameo of Speed Weasel. Also the first appearance of Weapon Hex and the demon Mephicthton, but who cares. There are 3 covers including a 1:10 variant



Weapon Hex #2 nice modest print run under 21k, only 1 cover, first full Speed Weasel (Gavril). Is it a coincidence Gabby first appeared in issue #2 of X-23’s all new wolevinre run? I think not. Not going to make your bank or break your bank at this point but if you just feel like grabbing something extra should be an easy in store find.

Well that does it for this edition hope I shed some light on one of the dark corners if the comic universe, as always remember “its better to have first and flipped then to never have first at all”

-Valiant Horton…….Speed Weasel!

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