First You May Have Missed: Speed

With all the talk of young avengers and Scarlett witch getting a tv show i feel its time to talk about this almost forgotten young avenger. Todays first you may have missed is dedicated to Speed.(Don’t worry i will make this fast…..sorry had to thrown in a speed pun really quick).

Speed is a super speed powered hero (F for name creation here marvel) who first appeared in Young Avengers # 10.

Speed, who’s real name is Tommy Shepherd, is the son of Scarlett Witch and Vision making him twin brother of the young avenger Wiccan and the grandson of the Mutant master of magnetism Magneto.



Speed was raised apart from Wiccan until he was rescued form a detention center by the Young Avengers in an attempt to gather more heroes to aid in the mission to save hulkling who was captured at the time. Speed also has a very short romance with Kate Bishop who also had a romance with Patriot, this didn’t turn out in his favor but in one future flash forward during the one shot The Children’s Crusade Speed is seen married to Kate and she is pregnant with twins.

Speed is not particularly unique or amazing in terms of character creation, basic design, unimaginative name, basic lost twin bad boy persona, pretty much just a young quicksilver. In comics he would need a lot of development to be held in the ranks of great heroes. In movies His family connection(mutant and avenger), possible romance with Kate and being a speedster in a universe surprisingly low on speed character’s are the only things really going for him. Let’s run down the important books.



Young Avengers #10 56k print run. first appearance of Tommy Shepard. This is a shot in the dark he came late into the fold of young avengers so this book was not as collected as #1 but the print run is not exactly low. Not hard to find.



Young Avengers #12 56k print run. first appearance as Speed(in costume). I would grab this one not just for his appearance but also because it is the final issue of the series and these sometimes tend to gain value out of nowhere.

That is all for me this week. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend and as always “it is better to have first and flipped then to never have first at all” — Valiant Horton


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