First You May Have Missed: Tam Posla

Hello everyone, after a much-needed week off I am back with a new first you may have missed. Prepping for a possible trip to NYCC this year, I have been a bit behind on my reading but still have some character’s i have been meaning to talk about for a while now. Away from the super hero madness this week we head over to Star Wars. This one I will call “Bountiful First” as we explore the 1st appearance of the bounty hunter Tam Posla.

I’m sure most people have heard of Boba Fett maybe even IG-88 or Dengar. Tam Posla on the other hand is more for the deep and eagle-eyed Star Wars fans but let me do my part to change that now. Tam Posla was essentially a cop who got a little to into a case of missing person’s, slaves, and experimentation. Although at the time he did not know the true identities of the criminal team responsible for the acts he later finds out that it is none other than Cornelius Evazan and Ponda Baba*.

Posla was eventually taken off the case but did not let it go as most great detectives cant. He then proceeds without the permission of his commander to investigate similar crimes on a nearby moon named Jedah** where he almost caught Evazan but missed him by minutes. This caused Posla to lose his rank and job.

*For those not very familiar with Star Wars lore but have seen the movies these are the two men who try to strong-arm luke in the cantina on Tatooine and Ponda gets his hand swiftly removed by Obi wan Kenobi.

**Jedah is the moon in Rogue One a Star Wars story that was destroyed by the first death star prototype.

Now a fired officer Posla still did not want give up the hunt so he became a bounty hunter to fund his campaign to catch Evazan. During this time he meets up with one of Evazan’s test subjects Bog and they begin a relationship. Sometime after the team of Posla and Bog are hired alongside other bounty hunters/mercenaries to be on a team lead by Dr. Aphra*** During the mission Dr. Aphra in an attempted to get Posla to obey a morally questionable command, activated a programs she installed in Bog’s cybernetic body that forced him into harms way and in turn caused Posla to react as Aphra wanted. This resulted in the death of Bog. Later before Posla discovered this Aphra again betrays him leaving him for dead and framing him. It is at this time he finds out that Aphra caused Bogs death and vows to slit her throat after he catches Evazan. He is currently on a collision course with Aphra as he believes Evazan to be dead or in jail.

***Doctor Aphra from the self titled Star Wars comic.

Ok so now you know a lot about Tam Posla and that’s just a briefing, so im sure you’re wondering “when is his first appearance and why should I care?” His first comic book appearances is Doctor Aphra #15, why should you care well lets look at a few things. Tam Posla along with companion Bog and his most wanted criminals Evazan and Baba all have something in common. They have all appeared in an actual star wars film.

Yes Tam Posla’s and Bog’s actual first appearance’s are on Jedah during the events of Rogue One a star war story. This gives validity to the continuity between comic and film. Also he was most recently seen in Solo a Star Wars film. Posla can  be seen speculating the iconic game between Han and Lando, further establishing his continued presence in the Star Wars universe. With Aphra now in his cross hairs it is safe to say he may be an ongoing threat to her going forward.

The popularity of Aphra and the continued push for more things Star Wars(t.v., movies, etc) i think its only a matter of time before we get to see this character who has been woven into Star Wars lore so intricately show back up and probably in live action, plus who doesn’t love bounty hunters?


Doctor Aphra #15. 31,839 print run between 2 covers. 1st appearance of Tam Posla(and Bog). Modest print run on a title that seems to be doing ok. Right now these should be extremely easy to find online and even below cover locally. I would be looking to pick up both the 40th anniversary cover which features Han, Chewie, and Luke as well as the regular cover that features Tam Posla.


Well thanks for reading and remember  “its better to have first and flipped, then to never have first at all”—–Dale Valiant Horton

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