First You May Have Missed: The Redeemer(anti-spawn)

Hello and welcome back everyone, hope you enjoyed your week. Hope you have checked out and voted on the writers wars which had a great turn out. Today we will be jumping over to image comics to talk about one of my favorite character’s ever. Being an insane fanatic of spawn and everything spawn related who could ever match up to my favorite anti-hero well the Redeemer of course. “Redeeming first”

Lets jump right into this. To understand the Redeemer we must first understand the Hell Spawn. I’m sure many know this story as well or better than Cinderella but for those who don’t here is a very brief crash course. Marine turned C.I.A. black ops agent Al Simmons is killed by his former partner and friend in a mission by order of a man named Jason Wynn. Because Simmons knowingly murdered people as an agent his soul was sent to hell where an evil ruler demon gives him a chance to see his wife again at the cost of his soul. As with any devilish deal there is a bunch of ironic catches but bottom line he now works for this devil with powers granted to him to gather evil souls and send them to hell(kill bad guys) to help build an evil army to fight god and the army of heaven. Ok so naturally that would be a problems for heavens forces, here is where the Redeemer comes in Spawn issue #16(also the first spawn story and art from the team of Grant Morrison And Greg Capullo) the angels of heaven get clearance to choose a human warrior of their own to combat the spawn and who do they choose? None other the Jason Wynn Al Simmons former boss.

Wynn who first appeared in spawn #12 was chosen to become the Redeemer who at the time of creation was named Anti-Spawn. He was transformed by angel fire but being that he was not “pure” it constantly burned him as well as giving him his powers. Wynn proved to be a great match for spawn quickly overpowering him in a fight but do to interference from some of spawns alley dwelling friends he was ultimately defeated.
This story arc titled Reflections ran 3 issues form 16-18. #16 Redeemer(Anti-spawn) is created but i would submit to the thought of this being a cameo as it is just a last page appearance, so i would say #17 is the first appearance. Later we did get other versions of the Redeemer and an official naming but we will save that for another time.

Now for spec at this time not much is sitting behind this book. Yes there is a new spawn film in the works with Jamie Foxx attached to play spawn but McFarland has many times stated this movie will take a different darker boogie man tone. Which leads me to think unfortunately we wont be getting a anti-hero action film but who knows where it will lead in the future. The idea of a gritty dark hell vs heaven Redeemer vs Spawn battle does excite me but don’t expect to see that anytime soon if ever. Spawn books were extremely popular during a buy all #1’s age but by issue 17 while things were still selling well a lot of the hype died down but i think the redeemer is cool and one day he may catch on with the masses.

Spawn #12 1st appearance of Jason Wynn

Spawn #16 1st appearance of the Redeemer(anti spawn) in cameo first Morrison and Capello on spawn.

Spawn #17 1st appearance of the redeemer (anti spawn) full

None of these books should break any wallets or be super hard to find but newsstand copies can run a bit more but net a much higher return in high-grade.


until next time remember “It’s better to have first and flip, then to never have first at all” — Valiant Horton

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