First You May Have Missed: Titannus

Hello everyone and welcome or welcome back to First You May Have Missed. With the Thanos threat in the MCU finally over (or is it?), while everyone is looking at the next big thing lets not over look the small players who may move the story forward. Let’s talk Titannus.

With powerhouses like Captain Marvel running around its hard to see much of anyone standing a chance with the current MCU lineup, but that’s not to say no one is out there. Titannus who first appeared in Marvel Team Up #2** is a Skrull that could not shape-shift so was chosen for the super skrull program. Here is where he was given the abilities of super strength and healing so extreme that in one instance he actually regrew his own head. This was only the start of his story as next he was exiled (maybe) and crashed on a far of planet called Trellion. Here he was held captive, tortured and fell in love with the kings daughter. When she fell ill due to poison because her love for Titannus was discovered he was able to escape and come to earth seeking out the heroes to help him liberate his former planet.

** Last article I dubbed the first appearance of Starling as a cameo in Miles Morales #5 but did not include an image. A reader pointed out that i should have provided an image to show the “cameo” so the readers can decided. Titannus has dialog and a 2 page appearance and i feel this is a great time to implement the suggestion. So here it is and thank you Joey Winfree for being a reader and providing constructive feedback.


Ok, so remember everything i told you about Titannus tragic backstory? Well throw it out the window, because as soon as he finished telling this story to our heroes both Wolverine and Doctor Strange determined it to be a complete lie! Its actually pretty amazing to read and see how it’s presented, Titannus War story arc starts in Marvel Team Up #11 and runs 3 issues. During his battle with the earth hero’s Titanus exhibits great strength taking out the Hulk, Wolverine and even Carol Danvers. Eventually he is betrayed by his own mind and attempts to kill himself leading him to defeat but can he really die? He does regenerate his own head but wakes up with no memory. He appeared later controlled by Japan but was quickly shut down and now is in stasis somewhere in the marvel comics universe.

I think Titannus has huge potential. He is a Skrull who are known to be mostly bad guys but are currently portrayed as struggling refugees in the MCU. This may all change when Titannus shows up and i think it would be a great 2nd movie plot for Captain Marvel having to deal with the complexity of this character which shares so much in common with her. The fact that Titannus was experimented on, given great power, and to a degree brainwashed on an alien planet/has altered memories would be the perfect mirror for Carol and cause her to have a soft spot for him.

Also his sheer power is a match for her and can turn the MCU Skurlls from a small group of feeling people to a war ready race that the kree thought them to be further confusing Carols stance. Also Titannus was part of the Super Skrull program which leads into the possibility of Super Skrull showing up with the debut of the Mcu Fantastic Four. The last bit of spec non sense i have to offer is small but it does pan out people may think the scene was genius, in Captain Marvel at one point the Maria ask Talos about what he can turn into and if all Skrulls have that power and replies physiologically yes but it takes practice and talent with a bit of pride maybe just maybe hinting that the non shape shifting Skrulls are not so favored. Anyway that’s my First You May Have Missed on Titannus, here is the rundown


Marvel Team Up #2: (2014) 1st Titannus (or cameo) 37k print run with 1 cover, not so bad. This book is sort of under the radar with very little ebay listings but i’m sure back issue bins are holding on to some.


Marvel Team Up #4, 27k print run. If you go with #2 being a cameo this would be his first full as he is not in issue #3. This book is not easy to find online and with one cover its fun to dig for because once you see the marvel team up run and flip through it, if #4 is there you have a win. This is a box warmer, lotto ticket. Grab 1 and wait maybe it will pay off.


Marvel Team Up #11-13, i am only adding these because it gives a good grasp on the character, it tells his origin(both versions) and its a cool connecting cover.

Well that is it for this week thanks for reading and as always “it is better to have first and flipped, than to never have first at all”— Valiant Horton


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