First You May Have Missed: Triage

Hello comic lovers. SDCC is soon upon us, and things are already getting hectic in the comic world. Exciting times to say the least. Anyway one thing that remains consistent is CBSI! I feel like SDCC is the start (or end) of the comic book year so just want to thank my fellow CBSI’ers for another great year that goes for writers, readers, and everyone in between. Ok enough of that lets get into this First You May Have Missed.

Triage aka Christopher Muse is a mutant who first appeared in All New X-Men #1 (2013). Triage is every RPG players dream with his powers being… guessed it healing! While the specifics of how it works are vauge its theorized that he is manipulating life force energy. While the marvel universe has many healers this mutant has some unique applications.

Along with the normal healing/curing he also has the power to reanimate dead people, yup he can make zombies. While it goes somewhat under used it may be some thing to be explored more in the future, that is if he was not presumed dead. Although he has been known to survive death (or near death) before it is never clearly established if he can use his powers to reanimate or resurrect himself. As we all know no one ever really dies in marvel so triage could be a walking scapegoat for marvel writers.


All New X Men # 1 181k print run. sooooo many covers! I doubt Triage is going to put you into a nice super car in 10 or any years but you never know he may get you a nice meal at Fridays one day. The print run is out of this world but i would grab a scottie young variant out the $1 bin if given the chance.

Slow week… hope everyone enjoys their independence day weekend!!! As always “its better to have first and flipped, then to never have first at all” Valiant Horton.


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