First You May Have Missed: Victorious

Hello everyone and welcome to this weeks edition of First You May Have Missed. In the world of first appearances no comic series is both important and disappointing as the Fantastic Four. Giving us such favorites as Silver Surfer, Galactus, and Black Panther and hundreds of issues of nothing. Well I think maybe that can change with the new series getting off to a good start. Join me on part one of this 2 part Fantastic Four First You May Have Missed.

Fantastic Four made its big comeback with great force and I must say I’m loving it. While it’s great and heart warming to see the gang reunited I think the restoration of Doom to his former glory is the most exciting part. This is not done by a self motivated revelation from Victor, but from the inspiration of a Latvarian rebel named Zora Vukovic. Zora finds a down and out Doom and gives him a great pep talk to bring him back to his senses. After Doom reclaims his castle he bestows upon her the power cosmic and transformers her into the Latvarian hero Victorious.


While issue #1 gives us the first appearance of Zora,(not a cameo or anything like that its a full 1st) we do not get to see Victorious until issue #6 which also tells the back story of Doom giving her powers. Because the story arc is still ongoing I am not sure where Victorious is going to fall in the grand scheme of things. Strong enough with the help of Doom to take on Galactus she is definitely a powerhouse in the marvel universes, she is also show as cunning and fearless once being a rebel leader and now the herald of Doom. She also shows very heroic qualities seen when she saves Johnny Storm from falling to his possible death and while she takes orders from and respects Doom she never displays any ill will towards Reed and the fantastic four its more of a mission oriented motivation that drives her. This makes me think that like many others who have started in the marvel universe fighting the first family, she may eventually become a full on hero or at least anti-hero but at worst one of the most dangerous foes.

Strong ties to Doom, great back story, amazing introduction with a battle against Galactus, a strong honor code, coupled with a cool costume, i must say i really am liking Victorious. This is one that has no foreseeable live action potential(although now days that can never be completly ruled out) just a well done character in a beloved series building slow in a great arc.


Fantastic Four #1 LGY #646: 369k print run. Wait what!!!!!! Quick someone check what year are we in????? 369k! This book has so many covers I dare not list them all as it may crash my computer trying. They go up to 1:500 ratios and with the 369k print run even those are probably not extremely rare. Being the first appearance of Zora and not her as Victorious I would just grab these, any covers from the dollar bins they have to be filling by now. If you find a great deal on a high ratio and I mean GREAT deal, you may want to snag it as a long shot but in this case I think going small is the way to go.


Fantastic Four #6 LGY #651: ok 67k print run across 5 covers. 1st appearance of Victorious, this is the one to grab. I don’t think any of the covers are bad but I love the cover A and the 1:50 Sienkiewicz is a no brainer in my opinion. A 1st appearance 1:50 Sienkiewicz cover seriously these can be had for a little over half ratio right now and I think that’s a steal. If Victorious goes anywhere I feel this will hit triple digits overnight.

Thank you for reading and as always “it is better to have first and flipped than to never have first at all”– Valiant Horton.


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