To advance, however far, is profitless unless the ground gained can be consolidated, or the momentum sustained

– Ludovic Kennedy

Greetings from the desert fellow CBSI members. Funny, Summer has almost returned here in Scottsdale as it’s a palmy 83 Degrees today. Anyone here of seasons besides hot and hotter in this desert? Nope, just reliable sustained heat. I know, don’t complain as some of you are shoveling snow in your Parkas. However, this brings me to the overall theme of this One Year Later dated February 1st, 2017. As we look through the books of the week, my overall thought is where is the credible comics of our present time? Sure covers due to ratios, or artists become hot… then mostly go cold. Where are the future pillars from our publishers that go beyond the staples of the last umpteen years? No one can speak to this like Skot Whitman, so I will not try and articulate the same language. I just wanted to bring this to the surface for discussion, as good debate at times can manifest intelligence. Finally, these types of deliberations can bring dividends to all of us…

Alright, let’s hit the books. The cover of the week comes from none other than our favorite smart ass. The book is titled Deadpool & The Mercs for Money #8 1:25 Iban Coello Variant. This comic blew up overnight with prices ranging in the triple digits. Why? Well there is no patented formula, but it has some things going for it in the spec world we live in today. Hot writer (Cullen Bunn), a 1:25 ratio on the 8th book of this series, a lower print run overall, and finally a unique cover. So that’s the macro look, here is the micro:

  • # 104 via Comichron in the month of February
  • Total print – 20.7K
  • Total approx. 1:25s – 828
  • Current slabbed on Ebay – 2 (Ranging from $99.99 – $119.99)
  • Current average sale for CGC 9.8 via GoCollect over the last year – $82
  • Current slabbed SOLD on Ebay last 60 days – Zero
  • Current raw on Ebay – 4 (Ranging from $39.99 – $59.99)
  • Current raw SOLD on Ebay last 60 days – Zero

Overall, this book for a 1:25 can be profitable and make us some money. However, it has decreased in appeal and revenue made steadily over the last 12 months.

DC Comics

Rebirth: Batman #16 Cover A David Finch

Total run: 102K spread over two covers

Great Homage to 1st Cable

‘I Am Bane’ part one! Bane is coming for Batman. Bruce must keep those he loves safe for five days in order to save Gotham Girl once and for all. But Bane will stop at nothing, and no one is safe.

Rebirth: Green Lanterns #16 Cover A By James Harren

Total run – 37.8K spread over two covers

‘DARKEST KNIGHT’ part one! It’s the Dark Knight/Emerald Knights team up you’ve been waiting for! Simon and Jessica travel to Gotham City to help Batman with a mystery even he can’t solve! People all across the city have been gripped with fear. Is it Scarecrow? Is it the Sinestro Corps? Can these Justice League teammates work together to solve the mystery?

Shade the Changing Girl #5 Cover B by Jenny Frison

Total run 11.6K spread over two covers

Frison completists anyone?

Which is more powerful? These new human emotions or the madness that brought Shade to Earth? Balancing both is difficult, as the divide between where she is now and where she comes from grows deeper. It’s all about duality as the future and the past are racing to catch up with Shade. She sees strange visions of a possible tomorrow while Megan, the girl whose body she stole, is racing across galaxies to take her life back

Rebirth: Superman #16 Cover B by Tony Daniel

Total run 56.1K spread over two covers

‘MULTIPLICITY’ finale! Superman, New Super-Man and Justice Incarnate make their last stand against their multiverse-spanning foe, and the Man of Steel discovers another clue to the truth of his existence. RATED T


Transformers Lost Light #2 1:10 Retailer Incentive

Total run 7.5K approx. 1:10s 750

Rodimus and Co. find themselves in a dangerous place. Even more dangerous than on a planet that exploded from the inside. That’s already pretty dangerous. But where they are now?


Walking Dead # 163 1:500 .25 cent Charlie Adlard Variant

Print run not listed due to price per comic



Bullseye # 1 1:50 Bill Sienkiewicz Variant

Total run 33.5K approx. 1:50 – 670

SHOOT FIRST! Daredevil, Elektra, Punisher? You name ’em, Bullseye beat ’em. But that was just business? This? This is pleasure. What does the world’s greatest assassin do for fun? Find out what Bullseye gets involved in for laughs in this deadly first issue, way down in South America! Rated T+

Monsters Unleashed #2 1:100 Art Adams Variant

Total run 43.3K approx. 1:100 – 433

THE BIGGEST EVENT IN MARVEL HISTORY CONTINUES! The heroes of the Marvel Universe repel wave after wave of Leviathani monsters as more and more fall to Earth?CAPTAIN MARVEL rallies her ALPHA FLIGHT against these hordes from space while CAPTAIN AMERICA and the AVENGERS hold the line around the world. Amidst this chaos’ a puzzle is appearing and ELSA BLOODSTONE is just the person to pick up the pieces and find the answer to what might save Earth from this apocalypse? ?or might hasten us to a devastating end!


  • Rebirth covers continue to do well in the aftermarket due to solid covers and artists
  • Don’t sleep on these Transformers incentives if you are a fan, hyper light print runs
  • Deadpool ratio variants do well in the aftermarket, but there is a small window to really capitalize on ROI. Then there is a gradual decline as with most variants
  • Walking Dead variants can produce good gains, IF bought at the right time. Get in, get out.
  • Hot artists, high ratios produce for the short term 98% of the time only – bank on it!
  • Monsters Unleashed a gimmick? Yes! However a complete set of the 1:100s could produce a nice sum to use for other books with more long term value

That’s all this week, and once again I appreciate the time spent reading this column. My goal is that at least one reader takes a nugget away to help them down the road. I started this week with the term – Flame in… Flame out. Something to think about, and more importantly analyze when we think about a variant purchases. Do they have at least 3 qualities to separate from the sheep herd. Can we find a correlation to those impulse purchases vs the Top 100 variants list as an example. Is our hard earned money better spent on a lower slabbed blue chip? All food for thought.

I will leave you with this…

Disseminate, educate, and rationally conceptualize your bigger purchases. Yes, this a hobby. However, let’s not forget what investment means bigger picture per our friend the dictionary – A devoting, using, or giving of time, talent, emotional energy, etc. as for purpose or to achieve something

Finally, as reference and a great piece to look back on from time to time in terms of true, trend setting variants here is the holy grail of CBSI pieces. Oh and for you newer folks, this is THE guide to use as you are out in the wild. When you see them in online be sure to thank Matt DeVoe and Inigo Saenz for spearheading this monumental project!


Talk soon,


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