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On the Border, By the Sea


Greetings and jamutations! We are back with another dose of Tin Foil Spec! Flatter than the Earth, we are going into an interesting, rotational direction. The Tin Foil is all about the spec and da money, but we’re also about the reading and da fun. While we wait for the next Previews to fly in (which already looks to be Donny-worthy), I want to take all the Hatters to the grand ol’ state of Texas.

Texas is known for many things, some good, some bad, some Donny, but did you know we also have a good serving of even more indie artists and writers. From Red 5 Comics to Antarctic Press and everything in between, Texas is becoming a breeding ground for talent to hone their craft (and speculators to hone their spec).

In the humble stomping grounds of East Austin, we have a small but incredible expo known as STAPLE! (Yes, you have to capitalize it and scream it out loud.) STAPLE! has been going on for almost 15 years, and it is the perfect place to meet indie publishers and artists with either a strong online presence or who are about to embark on one.

Amongst the plethora of fun people, The Tin Foil was able to meet Oscar Garza and Rolando Esquivel, the creative team behind a very fun and exciting comic known as Mashbone & Grifty. Mashbone & Grifty takes place in the fun ol’ border town of Brownsville, TX.

Both guys are from that area, and hey, so is the Tin Foil! (We even found out that we went to the same high school, although a few years apart! Go Vikings!) This book is fun, Hatters. Like, mad loads of fun.

Mashbone is a “manzee” which I’m  guessing is a term these guys created for a very hairy dude with a bone through his skull. He is an all around “dumb caveman type” who loves lucha libre. Grifty is a good ol’ down-and-out loser who can’t seem to have any sort of luck.

However, he is obsessed with becoming an amazing police officer, and with the help of his good friend Mashbone, they start a detective agency. The book is peppered with fantastic dialogue and amazing jokes that will have you lol’ing, rofl’ing, and maybe even helicoptering.

If I were to compare it to something, it reminds me of the cartoon 2 Stupid Dogs crossed with a Simon Pegg movie. The series is quick-witted, and the locales bring a teardrop to the Tin Hat as memories from yesteryear come rushing back. This is a great read. I’m not saying that buying this will make you have an equivalent to an 80s indy title, but I am saying that buying this will give you hours of enjoyment.

While their printing is limited at times, you can definitely find their digital copies on their ComixCentral store. Currently at 3 issues, with more definitely on the way, this is a comic that overflows with passion from its team. Reading page to page, studying panel to panel, I feel the love that these two creators have for their book. (Plus, they do lucha libre when they’re not writing and drawing!)

So while we’re all traveling back and forth, scouring through hours of Previews, debating whether to order 25 copies to get the one ratio that may be worth money, I present unto you this book that is perfect for your down times. We may not always pull the trigger on the 5 remaining copies of Immortal Hulk #2 that we see on our LCS’ shelves back in December 2018, but we can always come home to Mashbone & Grifty.

Look up into the skies, Hatters! Make sure to comb over any local shows even if they’re not traditionally comic shows. You never who you may end up running into at an expo or even an exhibit. Have a local creative team that you wish to share? Shout it out and let the Tin Hat know! And farewell, from the world of tomorrow!



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