Galactus and the Skrulls, Conan, Mobile Suit Gundam and More!

Instead of talking about the What if news or even the Dr. Fate speculation ( that issue 1 Variant is gonna be reallllll tough to find ),  I think I will quickly review Captain Marvel and yes I expect some backlash here but I just cannot help myself.  If you haven seen it yet here is the typical SPOILER WARNINGOK so this movie sucked.  I could sit here and use all sorts of other words to describe it but the truth is the truth.  For starters, this is a film filled with a mountain of forced humor.  It doesn’t fall as flat as the Suicide Squad but that is not meant to be complimentary and without the cat I wouldn’t have chuckled once.  Neither did the packed house I saw it with.

  Now before Brie calls me a troll or someone else lobs out misogynist,  remember that casting a female lead and shoehorning in moments of feminine empowerment doesn’t help when the narrative is a trite, predictable mess.  It certainly doesn’t help mask poor CGI, wooden acting ( I’m talking to you Clark Gregg! ), nor did it aid a surprisingly bland and emasculated Nick Fury.

A pretty original take on the Supreme Intelligence and a killer Ben Mendelsohn couldn’t save this poorly concieved film.

Sometimes you just fail.  This movie sure does especially in comparision to Infinity War, Black Panther and dare I say, Ant-Man &The Wasp?

Disney we get it, sheesh.  You have a message about women you want to tell even if DC beat you to it with a much better offering. The problem here is more about the agenda rather than gender and make no mistake the creators of this film are clearly delivering a message.  It is meant to be powerful but instead just makes makes you groan as it chokes with unoriginality.

Here is a novel idea, let’s leave out the politics, race and all the other things that often ruin escapism.

Now I know this is just one dude’s opinion but trust me, this one will let you down from start to finish. It’s  cursed with a weak protagonist and sadly a bore.  Next time more Talos, more Minerva and less bullsh*t forced feminism.  Less wannabe James Gunn.  Less product placement and forced nostalgia.   For  the love of god Mickey, we don’t need you to tell us women can be powerful in such a ham-fisted way.  We don’t need to know that a girl doesn’t have to prove anything to men at the expense of a worthy finale! If we don’t know those things already we shouldn’t consider ourselves modern Americans anyway.

  Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers may have inspired S.H.I.E.L.D.’s initiative in a sad retcon but she ain’t the first Avenger, not by a long shot.

On to this weeks picks, enjoy!



Fantastic Four 257

So it appears there were some Galactus hints in the Captain Marvel movie and a reference to the Skrull home world having been destroyed.  I cannot take any credit for unearthing this book but it does sport a badass cover , was written by one of the best writers in comic history and is the first time Galactus destroys the Skrull planet.

Admittedly the spec here is weak,  the source in question really refers to one throw away line from Talos, but then again Galactus does destroys planets.  So there is that.



Mixx zine 2-2 & Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 1

First US comic appearance of Mobile Suit Gundam

Last year I dove into the convoluted comic appearance of this legendary franchise.  No one seemed to get too excited about this property making it to the big screen in a live action film.  This is surprising because Mobile Suit is one of the most popular Anime/Manga franchises ever produced.  I also don’t think people expected the first appearance of Alita to sell for 100 in VF but it has and she isn’t in Gundam’s league in terms of popularity.  Now is the time to jump on this and hold.  If you want the first manga and cover you will never find it. Adventure King from May of 1979 is a ghost.  But these should serve you well.

The first comic appearance was in Mixx Zine 1 which predates any collected manga or VIZ series.


Any film is likely to be based on 0079 and this is an actual comic book.  I suspect it will be the one to sell for the most when things really start to heat up.  Now that BKV is attached expect that to happen.



All You Need is Kill FCBD & Weekly Young Jump January 29, 2014

Looks like there has been some progression on the Edge of Tomorrow/Live Die Repeat sequel. The All you Need is Kill manga first appeared in Weekly Young Jump from Jan 29/2014. As we know these can be very hard to find but can sell for a premium.   Kill was also serialized in Shonen Jump Magazine in 2014. It’s hard to recommend FCBD firsts even though Umbrella is selling for insane prices. I don’t know if any outside the Netflix effect will do much but a first is a first. The novel, manga and movie are all incredible. 



Thor Corps 3

First Conan in the 616

If you are still on the Conan train you might want to scoop up this dollar book.  Apparently it is the first time Conan appears in the 616.


And finally I am always on the look out for killer cover art.  This one is my favorite Fred Beltran cover.  There is nothing firsty about it but it sure does impress!



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