For no matter how many worlds I devour…

How many civilizations I destroy…

It is my destiny to one day give back to the universe…

Infinitely more than I have ever taken from it…”



Greetings from the desert fellow CBSI members. It seems many of you enjoyed last weeks installment of Run the Table with Silver Surfer in the spotlight. Thank you for all your responses throughout CBSI and within  the social media world! Now, let’s look at the other side of this coin during the this particular time in Silver Age comics, Galactus. There are many who scratch their heads on why the prices of FF 48 continue to close at on the secondary market. Perhaps this bookend piece will provide some clarity.

Galactus provides us fans with a mythical like entity. He has been seen as one of the biggest nemesis of our heroes throughout the last 50 years. Alright so who is this towering purple guy with the weird helmet? Well, let’s start at the beginning, and work our way thru to current day.


*** One note of caution, I will not be repeating Silver Surfer covers from last week with Galactus as that would be redundant – Except for the first couple of appearances. ***


In the pre-Big Bang universe, Galactus was a space explorer named Galan. He was a native of the planet Taa, one of the most advanced worlds in existence. The society of Taa were dismissive of the fact that their universe was dying and that all matter was converging on one position (the Big Crunch). Galan discovered that the radiation pouring out from the Big Crunch was going to destroy everything in turn, and Taa’s people were next.

As the residents of Taa were killed by the radiation, Galan convinced a few of the survivors to fly into the Big Crunch, where they would either find an escape of their plight, or die a glorious death. The crew were killed as the ship entered the centre of what was now becoming a “Cosmic Egg”, where the next universe would be born. Galan survived, however, and he was reborn as Galactus.

The “Galactus trilogy” (FF 48 – 50)  as it’s called in some circles was created by none other that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Those of you who are big Silver Age fans consider this the pinnacle of the era. The real truth is, these three issues can be read over and over again and always something new can be derived from them they are that deep.

One Galactus nugget:

“It is then revealed that Galactus looks different to each of the thousands of aliens from different planets. He isn’t just some dude in a silly purple outfit; he is a force of nature, and Galactus’ appearance is a reflection of a mortal mind trying to comprehend the incomprehensible.”


Fantastic Four # 48

Galactus 1st app


Fantastic Four # 49

2nd app of Galactus


Fantastic Four # 50


Fantastic Four # 74


Fantastic Four # 75


Fantastic Four # 77


Thor # 160


Thor # 161


Thor # 162


Thor # 168

Origin of Galactus


Thor # 169

Continued Origin of Galactus


Thor # 226


Fantastic Four # 122


Fantastic Four # 123


Fantastic Four # 173


Fantastic Four # 175


Fantastic Four # 210


Fantastic Four # 212


Super Villain Classics # 1

*Reprint of Galactus Origin with supplemental material


Rom # 26


Rom # 27


Dazzler # 10


Hercules # 4


Dr Strange: Sorcerer Supreme # 42


Wolverine # 138


Warlock & The Infinity Watch # 9


Fantastic Four # 233


Fantastic Four # 244


Fantastic Four # 257


Epic Illustrated # 26


Secret Wars # 6


Secret Wars # 9


Super Team up Family # 50


Super Team up Family # 428


Super Team up Family # 1057


Marvel Team Up # 137


Super Team Up Family # 1061


Marvel’s Greatest Comics # 36


Marvel’s Greatest Comics # 56


Guardians of the Galaxy # 25


Infinity Gauntlet # 5


Infinity War # 4


Galactus: The Devourer # 1


Galactus: The Devourer # 2


Galactus: The Devourer # 3


Galactus: The Devourer # 4


Galactus: The Devourer # 6


Fantastic Four Annual 2001


Fantastic Four # 12


Thanos # 3 2003


Thanos # 5 2003


Fantastic Four # 520


The Saga of Beta Ray Bill # 4


Annihilation # 1


Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus # 1


Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus # 2


Fantastic Four # 545


Nova # 13 2007


Nova # 15 2007


Beta Ray Bill: Godhunter # 1


Beta Ray Bill: Godhunter # 3


Chaos War # 2


Fantastic Four # 586


Fantastic Four # 7


Hunger # 1


Hunger # 2


Hunger # 3


Hunger # 4


Skrulls Kill Krew # 5 Variant


Ultimate Extinction # 1


Ultimates: Cataclysm # 1


Ultimates: Cataclysm # 1 Variant


Ultimates: Cataclysm Last Stand # 1


Ultimates: Cataclysm Last Stand

 # 1 Variant


Ultimates: Cataclysm Last Stand # 2


Ultimates: Cataclysm Last Stand

# 2 Variant


Ultimates: Cataclysm Last Stand # 3


Ultimates: Cataclysm Last Stand

# 3 Variant


Ultimates: Cataclysm Last Stand # 5


Ultimates: Cataclysm Last Stand

 #5 Variant


Ultimates: Cataclysm Spider-Man # 1


The Ultimates # 1 Variant 2016


The Ultimates # 1 2016


The Ultimates # 2 2016


The Ultimates # 6 2016


Ultimates # 6 2016 Variant


The Ultimates # 8 2016 Variant


The Ultimates # 12 2016


Ultimates 2 # 1 2016


Ultimates 2 # 1 Variant 2016


Ultimates 2 # 5 2016


Ultimates 2 # 6 2016


Fantastic Four # 1 2018 Variant


Fantastic Four # 6 2019 Variant


Bonus Bread:

There is not a lot of noise when it comes to Galactus’ daughter, Galacta or Gali as some call her. However, we know how offsprings of family’s can produce worthwhile characters at times, so let’s have a gander at her shall we?

Gali is the daughter of Galactus and lives on earth hiding as a human teenager. She has the same powers as her proud pop, just not the insatiable appetite to devour planets. She uses her powers instead to rid nasty extraterrestrial viruses around the galaxies. Anyone read the Skrull Kill Krew series? There is some history with how they got their powers and the virus Gali helped remove. While her history is short, there is always a potential for her to pop up at some random time. Why not be prepared?


Marvel Assistant-Sized Spectacular #2

1st app of Galacta


Galacta: One Shot


These below are all digital copies only:


Galacta # 0


Galacta # 1


Galacta # 2


Galacta # 3


Wow! That’s a lot of history and covers. I hope you have enjoyed this bookend article to the Silver Surfer piece from last week. It was an exhaustive process, but fun nevertheless to capture the majority of these amazing characters covers. Yes, I am sure there are some that may be missing, I am looking at you Howard the Duck, and Unbeatable Squirrel Girl as examples. If I was able to bring one issue you have not seen into your PC boxes, I have done my job. The sharing of this comic community is what makes it awesome. Please, keep these lists available as you make your rounds within LCSs across the country, and share pickups!


Talk soon,


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