Gen 13, Ghost Spider, Dawn Allen and More!


It’s another quick week of speculative picks ladies and gents!  Enjoy!



WildC.A.T.S. Trilogy 1 newsstand & Ashcan

First appearance of Gen13 ( as GenX )

Gen 13 is hot again for some reason.  A newsstand issue 1 just sold for close to 50!  The group first appeared via pinup in this rare ashcan limited to 3000.  In this book they are labeled GenX prior to the change to Gen 13.  The direct edition is common but high grade newsstands are rare and the ashcan is very hard to find.



The Amazing Spider-Man Annual 38

First appearance of Ghost Spider & Deathwish

There is nothing currently relevant about this issue but with all the mashup hype it’s interesting that this insanely cool book has gone unnoticed.  This issue also features a Deadpool/Dr. Doom mashup called Deathwish!


Wolverine and the Punisher 2

First appearance of Soteira

This one is a bit out there so I am warning anyone who reads this that running out and grabbing this book is risky. I wouldn’t pay more than a dollar. Having said that there are some interesting points.

If you have read the latest chapter in the hunt for Wolverine you met Persephone, the supposed leader of the villainous organization Soteira, Apparently this new organization has had their dirty hooks in the 616 for some time. Man Marvel loves themselves a retcon these days!

What is odd is that Persephone uses holographic tech to introduce herself to the X-Men something another character has done using the same name.

There has been a Soteira in Marvel once before, a scientific genius Morlock who we only see via holographic projection. She has connections to mutants, experience encasing powerful mutants in metallic chambers ( hmmmmmmm ) and the first time we see her she is introduced in the same panels with Wolverine.



Detective Comics 871 3rd Print

Batman 871 has been hot.  The second print is quite rare but there is also a 3rd print from 2014!


First appearance of Lady and the Tramp

I am not sure what came first but both are rae and came out in 1955.  THere’s a new film coming.  We often focus on hero books but there is a market for rare, high grade books like this.

First appearance of Scamp


Adventures Comics 373

First appearance of Dawn Allen

The actress playing this role on the Flash is now a series regular.  There is no conformation that she is Dawn Allen but it’s a good bet.



If you were looking closely you can see what appears to be a Red Stormtrooper in footage from the upcoming SW cartoon Resistance.  Arnex was first introduced in the Phasma novel and if you have read that then you know how awesome the character is.  There is no known comic appearance so I mention this as a character to look out for in the future. He is primed to be a fan favorite.



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