Ghost Hunting

Sheesh, another 1 year hiatus between articles…I’m going to have to stop doing that.  Anyway, here are some more VHTF, or ITF (impossible to find), books for you to try and chase down.  Just because a book is a ‘ghost’, does not mean it will go up in value…these are fun to hunt though!


Halo: Escalation #1 Kenneth Scott 1:20 Variant


Appx. Print Run: 444

Appx. NM Value: $20

Such a sick cover, this deserves to be in more collections.  But were there really any retailers ordering 20 copies of a video game comic back in 2013?  Not many for sure, which is why this book is so hard to find.

Dead @ 17: The Blasphemy Throne #1 GoFundMe Variant


Appx. Print Run: 44

Appx. NM Value: $??

So in 2014, Josh Howard had a GoFundMe campaign to celebrate the end of Dead @ 17’s run.  While he didn’t reach his goal, he did go ahead and send a copy of this book to any supporter of $20 or more, which there were 44 people–hence, the approximated 44 print run.  Am I the only one that thinks Howard is under appreciated?  I wish I would have known about this campaign 5 years ago–oh well…


Betty & Veronica #251


Appx. Print Run: 2500

Appx. NM Value: $10

This issue fell outside the Comichron numbers for the month of release, but looking at the issues before and after, a 2500 print run seems to be a safe bet.  Thanks to some deep spec knowledge from Sad Junk, this was a controversial cover, which I was not aware of.  I have shown both the actual cover and the pulled cover (in high heels).  In any case, this is a good pickup, if you can locate a copy.


All-Star Comics #1 RRP Edition


Appx. Print Run: 500?

Appx. NM Value: $100

One of the lesser known DC RRP variants out there, this cover calls upon some golden age goodness and is just super hard to find.  This was given out at Baltimore Comic Con in 1999, so it is more likely to be found on the East Coast.  Only 1 sale in the past 90 days and only a lone 9.8 listed on eBay at the moment.

Vampirella and the Scarlet Legion #1 J. Scott Campbell 1:25 Variant


Appx. Print Run: 545

Appx. NM Value: $?

Ahhh….hard to find Campbell variants tend to be ghosts, just because his fans don’t want to let them out of their collections.  This particular issue appears to just be hard to find, regardless of who the cover artist was.  The fact that it was a Campbell only adds to the desire and mystique.


Chuck #2 Phil Noto SDCC Variant


Appx. Print Run: ?

Appx. NM Value: $10

I’ve tried to find out if this was only given away at the ‘Chuck’ panel in 2008, or if it was at the Wildstorm booth, but have come up empty.  One thing I do know is that not many people have this one in their possession.


Findable (barely)


Frank Frazetta’s Fantasy Illustrated #8 Alex Ross Wizard World Variant /1000


Appx. Print Run: 1000

Appx. NM Value: $50

You’d think that with a print run of 1000, you would be able to find this…but sadly, no.  Ross painting almost anything is a must, but giant spiders?!?!  Yes, sign me up!  This is magazine size, so condition may also be an issue.

Well, there you have another list of books to hunt.  Most of these I’ve not only never seen, but didn’t even know existed.  Don’t forget to comment if you find any of these, it lets everyone know that they actually DO exist!


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