Ghost-Punisher, Captain Atom, Tom Brady and more….

I’m gonna hit you all with a bunch of weird stuff this week.  Enjoy!


Extreme X-Men 21

First appearance of Evangeline Whedon

Aw man you all must get to a streaming platform asap and watch the Gifted.  I was truly surprised at how good it was!

If you have never heard of Evangeline Whedon don’t feel bad.  She’s yet another in a long line of obscure characters appearing from the comics.  Her appearance in the finale was brief but I sure am hoping she’s a larger part of season 2.  Anyone who isn’t excited about the appearance of a woman who turns into a dragon is a fool.


Sales to Astonish 1

This retailer promo isn’t exactly an easy find.  It was designed to preview upcoming titles from Marvel in a comic book format instead of the usual oversized publications.  They are rare but not exactly brimming with key content. This one is the exception.  It publishes the cover to Nomad 4 in black and white. Deadpool fans will know it is a very early appearance.



Peter Parker Spider-Man -1 ( newsstand only )

First appearance of the Proto Goblin

I am sure to get some comments that this isn’t the Red Goblin and you would be correct!  Norman Osborn is set to join up with Carnage to become the newest goblin.  While I find that a bit uninteresting I can’t deny that the suit looks fantastic.  Goblin collectors take note,  he won’t be the first Red Goblin.  That honor goes to this forgettable character who I believe made his only appearance here.


NFL Rush Zone Guardians of the Core

First appearance of Tom Brady

First comic appearances of sports characters are pretty much all worth squat.  But the G.O.A.T. ( probably for any sport at this point )  deserves the nod.


Clue SDCC Pack

First appearance of Clue

Ryan Reynolds and the makers of Deadpool are looking to reboot Clue!  The original film is a classic but for some reason I can see this working.  Surprisingly Clue didn’t make its first comic appearance until this IDW pack was released.  The set is worth buying as the 1:500 cover for issue 1 is inside.


Justice League Future’s end 1 ( Newsstand only )

When looking for connections or clues concerning Dr. Manhattan and his intentions in Doomsday Clock one must really dig.  G+ member Matt Crispin and some others have voiced support for the idea that Dr. Manhattan may have been hiding in the DCU for some time posing as a hero.  Captain Atom is a good guess considering Manhattan’s origins.

I decided to read all the post Flashpoint Captain Atom appearances and Rise to look for clues.  Though there really wasn’t much I did find this book.  The post Flashpoint Captain Atom is confined to an off world prison for doing exactly what Dr. Manhattan and Ozymandias did, sacrificing millions to save billions. He also enlarges himself in the exact same way as Dr. Manhattan.

JLA 47 & Batman Brave and the Bold 5

First appearance and first cover of the Queen of Fables, First cover

The Queen of Fables has returned to plague the JLA and it’s actually been a pretty good read.  The Queen has had a very limited amount of appearance over the years.  I believe she’s as undervalued as she is underutilized and a good costume helps.

Others of Note:  Batman Kids 8, Fairest 1 RRP ( different Queen I believe )


Thunderbolts 29

This isn’t the first time the Rider and Frank have done battle but it just might be the most important.  Now we won’t know how Frank became the Cosmic Ghost Rider until next month but the fact that he is immune to the penance stare seem very important to me.



Marvel Knights Millennial Visions

First appearance of the Ghost Punisher?

The big reveal from Thanos 15 has fans divided.  I think it’s hard for us to grasp the idea that such a serious and violent vigilante could wind up a wise-crackin’ minion for Thanos the King.  I’m hoping Cates has an incredible origin up his sleeve.  As far as speculation there aren’t a lot of books where the two even interact and the ones that do exist have healthy print runs.  This book though appears to be the first amalgamation of the two and it’s not that easy to find.

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