Godzilla vs Kong, Deathstroke, TMNT and More!

I see you have once again ( hopefully! ) returned to True Firsts!  Here you will find a random collection of picks and favorites, some currently relevant, some posted for the sheer joy of collecting.  My only advice this week is to go see Far From Home and yes the post credit scene is awesome.



Deathstroke 7

First time Batman and Deathstroke fight

The first time these two went at ii was pretty intense, not a bad cover either.



San Diego Comiccon Comics 3

When the Godzilla vs Kong movie previews remember this book.  This is the first comic where they appear together and do battle.  It also looks like Godzilla got the upper hand!

NOTE: Morpheus makes an appearance here, outside of a vertigo comic.  Morpheus also appears as a parody in 1998’s Mr. Mxyzplik along with Lobo’s nephews. Hmmmmmm.  And he appears in Batman Mitefall and two issues of Futurama!


Sandman collectors should be on the look out for other key books;

Fan favorite Death makes her third in continuity DC appearance here. Because her appearance in Captain Atom 42,43 are listed as being an aspect of death and because her appearance is different this issue remains undervalued.


She also makes an appearance in this Marvel book which is currently seeing some gains due to Talos’s turn from villain to hero in a key, MCU role!

She also appears in issues of Lobo and LOSH in 1992


Vertigo Quarterly Black

There is a Sweet Tooth Prequel in this one so when that gets made there is a good chance this material is used.  It is also another sneaky Sandman appearance.

NOTE:  Issue 4 has a Gerard Way story



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Winter Special 1994 #11

First appearance of the 5th Turtle ( Female Turtle )

In this one April becomes a ninja turtle making her the first female turtle.  Though short lived it is still a first!



Mirage Mini Comic Pack ( 1989 )

First appearance of Cudley Cowlick

Not only is this the first appearance of a cow head that transports people at super speed but it is a lost collection of TMNT rarities including a previously unpublished, forgotten TMNT story and other Turtle appearances including one where Donatello appears as a blow up doll.



Speaking of the Turtles, everyone seems to be chasing those TMNT 51 variants but the rarest is easily the Rhode Island Con Variant




Marvel Zombies 2

First appearance of Zombie Iron Man

Go see Spider-Man Far From Home.

NOTE:  Zombie IM does appear in Ultimate FF 23 ( Cameo )



—————————–COVER PICKS!!!—————————-



Independent Voices 2

This cover, ummmm….sticks out.  Add an early Eric Powell comic and I am in.

OK this is just incredible!



Venom 6 Memphis Con Nowlan Variant.

I think it’s time to give this one some love. It’s an early, early Knull cover and imo one of the best Knull covers.

Savage Dragon 40

Got a girlfriend who likes cosplay?  This is the one to convince her to dress up as.

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