Gundam, Ultraman, Silk, He-Man and More!

This week I took a break from my regular column but I became restless and needed to draw. Unfortunately all my pencils were dull and my son had decided sharpening play doh was the best way to utilize my electric sharpener.  Needing to do something,  I assembled some currently relevant foreign books into a quick edition of Foreign Delicacies.




Special DC No. 6

Issue 6 of the Semic reprint for the first appearance of the Birds of Prey is not an easy book to come by.  Unless you live in France the internet is providing no copies.  A Birds movie is on the way so this is one foreign collectors should be on the lookout for.




Masters of the Universe 37 UK

A few weeks ago I mentioned my love for Winnie the Pooh.  Pooh still has a devoted following and a passionate collector base.  I am always on the hunt for rare appearances.  Both he and Dumbo appear in this book.



Superman Extra 6 ( 1882 )

Snagging foreign reprints of US firsts is a labor of love for me.  Add  this rare reprint of DC Presents 47 please!



Adventure King May 1979

First appearance and first Manga Cover for Mobile Suit Gundam

With a live action Mobile movie coming from the makers of Pacific Rim 2,  you would think some of the comics would blow up.  The reality is that like like many Anime properties the stories and comics are a convoluted mess.  In this case I tracked the first appearance all the way back to 1979.  The problem is this puppy is the definition of the overused term ghost.



Modern Graphix 9

You wouldn’t think a magazine dedicated to model making would publish comics but that is exactly what Model Graphix did in 1987.  The series published a run of Gundam manga and they were not the only publisher to do so although I believe they were the first.  This one is particularly important as Sentinel remain a canonized installment of the franchise.




Ultraman getting a Netflix show generated some movement on the Harvey Series first from the 90’s but it isn’t really a first appearance.

SF Comics Ultraman by Kazumine Daji should hold that title

Sometimes comics can get confusing.  I consider this to be the first appearance as it was published by an actual publisher. Some sources show this to have been published in 1966, others 1968 and I cannot confirm the true date at this time.

Manga legend Kazuo Umezu self published an Ultraman comic also 1966 but not only are images hard to come by, there is no way for me to confirm his date of publication. I will say this though, his art is insane. His manga was reprinted but even that is proving tough to find. I have included the rare reprint but I cannot find a pic of the original manga from 1966.



Metal Hurlant 70

Some covers just have to be owned and one where C-3PO is evil and carrying body parts will always make my list.



Pif 797

First appearance of Inspector Gadget?

I believe this is his first comic appearance and even predates his appearances in Look-In. Gadget may be getting a reboot.




The Astonishing Spider-Man 11

The first foreign printing of Silk’s debut is already not an easy book to locate.  Spider-Man 4 is not a rare book but the hunt for this one will drive you crazy!


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