Half the Battle in Disguise!


A couple of weeks ago I brought up a particular G.I.Joe TPB that sold well on eBay. Mentioning it got me thinking about the toys and cartoons of my childhood, particularly G.I. Joe and Transformers.

I figured between the two I could to put together enough info for an article. Combining some recent market activity and personal flips, I did just that. Let’s begin.




Marvel published G.I. Joe Order of Battle TPB in 1987. It reprints G.I. Joe Order of Battle #1-4. Inside is a small encyclopedia of character bios, as well as information on weapons and vehicles. Originally priced at $5.95 it now sells for $35 to $45.


Classic GI Joe VOL 14 & 15


I mentioned volume 15 two weeks ago. I said that I’d been looking a while for this one. Then a few days after my article posts, what do you know, I find it.



You can ask CBSI Cover Tunes author, Mike Morrello about my victory dance. He got a kick out of my involuntary celebration.

I listed both books right away. I purchased them each for $6. Volume 14 sold for $69 and shipped internationally. Volume 15 sold for $99. GO JOE!


G.I. Joe Special Missions Volume 3 IDW TPB


Here’s one more Joe TPB to keep an eye out for. The book collects Larry Hamma’s G.I. Joe Special Missions issues #15-21. Volumes 1 and 2 were reprinted.3 was not and sells for around $100. You didn’t know that did you? Well now you know and knowing is half the battle.


Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Guide Book Vol 1 & 2


Now for Transformers. These are not really comic stories, but rather guidebooks. I found the IDW published volumes for $12.50 each. The pair sold for $100. The original Dreamwave versions sell for nearly $200! More than meets the eye indeed!




I’m sure I sound like a broken record, but of the 8 volumes of Transformers Classics, this was the only one that didn’t get a second print. Ebay sales range from $80 to $100. This TPB contains Marvel’s Transformers #65 – 76. I love the sweet Blitzwing cover.

That does it for this week my fellow agents. Remember that nostalgia can drive the market to put a premium on comics books and trades that crossover into other fandoms.

Until next week, may your collections overflow with value and your memories be full of good vibes.

Agent Newton out.


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