Han Solo, Bill & Ted, Evil Ernie, Infinity Armor and More Eternals!

     Welcome back to True Firsts!  I am still hung over from Infinity War and FCBD so today I present a seemingly random selection of comics, many of which I have been meaning to get to for the last few weeks.  It certainly seems that what was once old is new again!  Thanks in large part to Stranger Things I think the love for all things 80’s is just getting started.  I am probably most excited for a Last Starfighter reboot.  As Hollywood continues to prove they have no more original ideas, at least the ones they are poaching from the past are great ones!





Ultimates Volume 2 issue 5

First appearance of the First Firmament

Here’s some more Eternals Phase 4 spec.  If Marvel is set on doing an Eternals film then they will have to include the Celestials.  If you include the creators of the Eternals/Deviants then who created them?  Well it’s a bit of a Marvel rabbit hole but the First Firmament was the first universe and in his sadness created the Aspirants and the Celestials which ultimately led to a great civil war.  The Celestials, though engaged in a sort of cosmic genetics experiment, believe that life should evolve but the First and his children did not. Ultimately the Celestials won leading to the Earth we have now.



The Ultimates Volume 2 issue 6

First appearance of the Aspirants



Marvel Boy 5

First appearance of the Aspirants ( Unnamed ) and  first mention of the First Firmament.



Iron man 11,12

First appearance of the Godkiller armor


This one is an interesting side note and is highly speculative.  In their attempt to defeat the Celestials,  the Godkiller armor was created by the Aspirants.  There are connections to Howard and Tony Stark here.  No one knows which way Marvel will go.  Could Stark’s son end up piloting an ancient armor to help the Eternals defeat the Celestials or a more relevant threat?  Ummmm probably not but at this point anything related to the Eternals is fair game.





The Paradise Snare

This one is not a comic but occasionally I like to mention books that have some sort of relevance in the realm of comics and other related properties. Released in 1997 as a paperback, this EU novel centers around the early days of Han Solo.  In this book Solo is a soldier in the imperial academy.  This is very important considering it has long been suspected that solo was once an member of the empire.  We now know that the solo film with canonize this important point from Crispin’s book, effectively removing it from legends status and placing it nicely in the modern SW canon!



Guardians of the Galaxy 1 1:100 ( 2015 ) Adams Variant

It looks like Marvel’s Infinity Countdown is leading to the creation of Infinity Armor. A set of armor that holds the infinity stones is a pretty badass idea. Who will wear it? Who commissioned it? All these answers are coming but for now we know very little beyond the beginnings of the forging process.  This is kind of a cool book though because Benn Grimm had the idea for it three years ago! Granted there is no appearance of such armor but it is the first time the idea was mentioned.



Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

First appearance of Bill and Ted

Conformation of a third film came this week and anyone who grew up in this era is pretty happy so long as we get more excellent adventure and less bogus journey.


Masters of the Universe: The Search For Keldor

             First Faker Cover

There has been some interesting news on the He-Man movie front. Rumor is that Skeletor is going to be He-Man’s brother in the upcoming film. He-Man fans know that in 2002 Skeletor was revealed to be He-Man’s uncle/Randor’s brother Keldor. Since Skeletor never had an origin beyond the idea that he was a demon from another dimension it made perfect sense even if there was nothing in He-Man’s past publications to support this.
Well there is one thing, the 1986 mini comic The Search for Keldor. In it the implication appears to be that Randor’s brother could be Skeletor but readers are left with no conformation and Skeletor’s origin continued to be a mystery. Steve Grant has said that despite a fuzzy memory there was demand for a Skeletor origin and he came up with the name Keldor with the intention of him being related to He-Man.
So…..if we go with this, the mini comic is the first naming of Skeletor which is important anyway. The problem is that it is never clearly defined that Skeletor is He-Man’s uncle until 2002 which makes it kind of a retcon. I read the comic and realized that when Randor sees Skeletor approaching through mist with Faker he appears to recognize Keldor but he isn’t actually talking about Skeletor at all! He is talking about Faker who is an exact replica of He-Man! As Skeletor is desperate for the secret of Keldor to remain hidden it is certainly possible that a the secret of Keldor is that Skeletor is releated to Adam and could be the rightful heir to the throne. If he is Keldor and Keldor’s original form was identical to He-Man then it kind of makes sense that Skeletor is He-Man’s twin brother, probably older by a minute or two.

    NOTE: There is a Euro variant

Superman 669

First appearance of the Kryptonian Tactical Defense Unit

Krypton continues to be one of my favorite new comic shows.  So far the world building has been solid and the writers have adapted some obscure comic characters into a surprisingly well crafted show.  Any fan of Superman should be watching.

World of Krypton 1 ( 1:25 only )

First appearance of the Red Shard


Fangoria 108

First appearance of Evil Ernie and Lady Death

I have always been a fan of Evil Ernie and Lady Death.  Of all the characters from the bad girl era these two remain popular, enjoying a pretty dedicated fan base.  Early appearances and rare variants continue to sell well. Fans might want to know that both appeared just prior to Evil Ernie 1 in this issue of Fangoria which has barcode and blank box versions with the newsstand likely being harder to find especially in high grade.  The article includes the origins of both, original pin-ups and art from the comic!


Malibu Sun 8

First comic book appearance of Evil Ernie and cover

So ya think cover appearances don’t matter?  Well if the character generates the kind of demand Spawn does then this one might be worth tracking down.  Not only does this predate Evil Ernie 1 but finding even an image of this book in nearly impossible.


Gremlins the Official Comic Adaptation

First appearance of the Gremlins franchise in a comic

Another 80’s property is getting what appears to be a reboot.  There aren’t many comic book appearances.  This one is a tough find.


Foom 15

I feel the need to mention this once more. As Marvel’s Kevin Feige has recently confirmed the Eternals will be featured in Phase 4, it looks like Sersi will be the focal point.  She, along with Nova and Carol Danvers/Ms Marvel make their first published image appearances within its pages. That is actually kind of cool ecause it’s plausible that all of them will be a part of the E-199999.  Sersi also appears as this issue was released just prior to Eternals 3.


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