Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary / Generations Mattina 2nd Prints

It’s been a while since we had a good 30+ exclusive variants comic, so I thought I would do the two-in-one bit for a change.

Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary

Only seven covers that I could find for now, I am sure there must be others out there, so please let me know! As usual, I will not play favorites, but there’s a cover here that’s soooooo good!!! Which one does it for you?

Lucio Parrillo

Fried Pie

Ken Hunt

The Comics Vault

Joshua Middleton

Forbidden Planet / Jetpack Comics

Chad Hardin

The Nerd Store

Ant Lucia

Buy Me Toys

Greg Horn


Natali Sanders

Comic Market Street

Joe Benitez

Knowhere Games & Comics

Generations Francesco Mattina 2nd Print Covers

Only the first four are out so far, which is normal considering Marvel’s using these as 2nd Print variants and they have to wait until the 1st prints are out there before they announce the 2nd print covers, I guess. I will complete the list as they are made public.

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