Hellboy Again, Green Lantern on HBO, Watchmen and More!

I don’t like to dwell on past article much, but last week’s revelation about Next Men 14 sure stoked the fires of the insane.  For the trolls or any other loons with agendas I want to say thank you.  You have helped shed more light on the book while at the same time offering no concrete counter to the facts.  And for Hellboy fans, go get it.  There are plenty, if fact wait a few weeks, the print run will lead to the flood and you can add another cool appearance to your collections!

Here are this weeks picks, Enjoy!




Danger Unlimited 4

I guess if there is anything firsty about this one it is that John Byrne draws Hellboy in full for the first time.  This book is cool no matter what.  It was released in between Hellboy: Seed of Destruction 2 and 3 making it an early appearance ( coming out the same time as the CBG 1070 Supplement. ) Who Knew Hellboy was part of another team?

Oh and if you don’t think John’s Fantastic Fouresque story is worth a look just check out the bag guy…





Now that we know HBO MAX is doing a GL show the spec seems to be trending towards Blackest Night though that remains unconfirmed.  Comic publishers often take the best elements from the source material and rework it so here are some books to consider, Blackest Night related and otherwise.

Green Lantern 50

Parallax has to be a part of the show.  If they don’t do Blackest Night right away Hal’s transformation into the vengeful villain would make a great season of TV.  He first appeared in GL 50 but was not named until later. 

NOTE:  There are direct, newsstand and DCU Logo versions of this book.  There are 2 packs as well which are pretty rare but as of this writing there is one on Ebay.



Zero Hour Ashcan Gold

This book is plentiful and it looks like it came out in Jan of 1994 which would put it out ahead of GL 50.  There was a gold variant too.

There was also an SDCC Ashcan ( likely came out after GL 50 ) and a retailer preview dated Sept 1994.


Green Lantern Rebirth 4

First appearance of the Parallax Entity

This series is extremely important.  Geoff Johns began to revamp some major elements of the GL mythos including the spectrum and it’s host entities.



Green Lantern 20 ( Vol. 4 )

First appearance of the Emotional Spectrum & Bedovian

Green Lantern ( Vol. 4 ) 25 A, Variant

First appearance of the Black Lantern

NOTE:  This issue is also important for other reasons, see below!


Captain Atom 42, 43

First Modern Nekron

If we get Blackest Night we are gonna get some Nekron.  He has so few appearances up until the event.  Here is his modern first with a revamped origin.  This book is also an early appearance of Death in the Mainstream DCU.  Issue 42 has been featured recently as the first Death in the main DCU and now sells for a solid price.



Green Lantern Annual

First appearance of the Corpse Corps

This book really is the first appearance of the Nekron’s Corps or at the very least a prototype.  Nekron’s motivations are laid out here and his army of the dead lanterns well before the Blackest Night story.


There are many other books to add especially from the Johns’s run with all the firsts from the Spectrum. I am sure more revelations will come to light so I would be on the lookout for the first Dex, Larfleeze, Black Hand,  Red Lanterns, Cyborg Superman, Sinestro, Shark, Hector Hammond and Krona to name a few.

And these as well: DC DC Universe 0 1.00 cover, GL 25,2b5 also Nekron’s first in the John’s era, Green Lantern 52, First full appearance of Entity and the first White Lantern

( Sinestro  Blackest Night 7 is warming up and it is a first appearance.  But don’t sleep on this book which predates BM 8, is the first White Lantern Cover, first full Entity, first full White Lantern and gives the history of the DCU as written by the man in charge at DC. )




Avengers 214

So when you read this book GR may or may not been manipulating the Mijolnir.  Looks to me like he is jumping on for a ride!  Either way this the first time he holds Thor’s hammer….er that doesn’t read well!




Deathstroke 48 AB

First appearance of Old Man Deathstroke armor?!

I prefer B but Deathstroke’s Old Man suit is rad.  Here is the first.




Batman Beyond 4 A, B ( GL 75th ) ( 2015 )

First appearance of new suit.

The revamped BB suit was a solid new look.  This is the first!


Planet Krypton

First Hooded Justice in DCU

Did I think I would ever get to see my favorite Watchmen character fight crime on a TV show?  Not a chance.  Not only that but HBO answered a pretty important question about the character this past weekend.  For die hard collectors here is his first in the mainstream DCU!



Gateways 4

Watchmen is hot!  Here’s another cover you might not know about.





Here are this weeks covers I dig.

OK so this isn’t a cover but Night Monkey is pretty cool.

There is also a Web Van Spider-Man issue with the cover.



Watch out for that fist She-Hulk!


Erathune 4

I believe this is the first cover for Essessa.

See ya next week!



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