Hellboy The Wild Hunt, Omega Red, Errror Comics, Mr. Rogers and More!


I am still pretty busy stuffing my face with Christmas Goose but I managed to cobble together a brief True Firsts.  Here’s to spending the Christmas money on comics.



Sonic the Hedgebog 2007 FCBD

With a Sonic movie coming there are a few character firsts to look out for.  Sonic and Dr. Robotnik both make their firsts in the well known Sega Game Cart mini-comic but Sally and Tails first appear here,

If you are looking for a seemingly rare reprint of issue 1 this FCBD 2007 comic is surprisingly not common!

These are totally unrelated but I am always on the hunt for these rare Sonic Cookie Crisp inserts.  Why is Sonic on a Skateboard?




What if 17

Now that we know ( maybe? ) that Jude Law is playing Captain Marvel and not Rogg I have a strong feeling he might be da bad guy.  I am buying this one cheap, just in case.


Jay and Silent Bob 2

First appearance of Mr. ( Fred ) Rogers.

We have a biopic coming out for a true legend of childhood media.  I prefer Mr. Robinson but as far as I can tell Fred didn’t appear in a comic until Jay and Silent Bob ?!  WTF. 




Batman Lost 1,1b

First appearance of Post Apocalyptic Batman?  First appearance of Janet, Bruce Wayne’s granddaughter.

Of all the Metal books not only is this my favorite but it has some really cool stuff in it like a featured Wayne Family Sword, something referenced but surprisingly hard to find in comics and possibly the same sword the upcoming Arkham Knight is using. We also get a vision of a post apocalyptic Gotham where Batman carries guns . I now collect any comic where the Bat uses guns, sorry +Skot Whitman! And isn’t the next Sean Murphy mini about a post apocalyptic Batman? And it also has the first appearance of Batman’s granddaughter Janet!




The Immortal Hulk 7 ( Red Captain America Error )

First appearance of Red Cap?

The Winter Soldier 2018 issue 1 error is still selling very well but it surprises me that some others with similar errors have fallen by the wayside including the recalled Monsters Unleashed 8 with Luke Cage guts and this issue which is, I guess, the first appearance of red Cap?!



Hellboy the Wild Hunt 1 ( Dark Horse 100 Variant )

I think it’s time to put all issues of the Wild Hunt on your radars after this tweet!  This issue is a ghost.

I would add Darkness Calls 6 which foreshadows Hellboy’s place leading the armies of Hell.  Keep Reading…



Hellboy: Wake the Devil 1

First appearance of Hecate/The Black Goddess

The number one book book speculated upon concerning the new film has been Wild Hunt 2, first Nimue the Blood Queen. I also think issue 2, first Ganeida the Witch is undervalued but we might be overlooking Hecate the Queen of Witches.  Not only has Vanessa Eichholz been cast as Ilsa but the character is an integral part of The Wild Hunt’s resolution.  In the pages of issue 8 of the Wild Hunt and both The Storm and The Fury minis she is every bit as important as Hellboy.  Hecate is also the most powerful witch in all of Mignola’s Hellboy works.  Her resurrection is referenced in Lobster Johnson’s Iron Prometheus then in Darkness Calls we learn that she is to play a key part in the Hellboy Prophecy which is the cornerstone of Hellboy’s origin.



Looking for more obscure Hellboy appearances, here’s one I love mostly because it contains some other great characters from the Copper Age!


What if 33

First appearance of Omega Red ( in story ) a tie with X-Men 4

and finally since I know Comictom 101 is reading this and keeps mentioning Omega Red here is a cool book I mentioned long ago

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