Hellboys first appearance and some other books…

Today the first appearance of Emperor Palpatine should be hot.  It won’t be but it should.  Now I know it’s in some hard to find, obscure UK comic but man that trailer should spark some serious interest.  Come on, he’s one of the greatest sci-fi villain ever!

Anyway…I am going to discuss a limited number of books this week because I really want to focus on explaining why Next Men 14 could be one of the more undervalued comics in back issue bins across America.


Next Men 14

First appearance of Hellboy and first appearance of Hellboy in color.  Origin of Hellboy

The definition of dollar bin diving is right here.  This book is plentiful ( right now ) and shouldn’t cost you more than a buck, probably less.  So here is the thing, John Byrne hid a treat inside and oddly enough no one has seen it until now.

A few days ago comic guru Jon Z clued me in to a con book that just sold for 5 grand because there was a prototype pin up of Hellboy.  Even I have a problem with labeling that, or Dime Press 4 as the first appearance of Hellboy.  The images are prototypes.  As a die hard fan I want those regardless but Hellboy is red and has a distinct look.  The sale got me thinking about the character and I remembered how great Next Men was so I decided to reread Next Men 21 for fun.  What I realized is how much I had forgotten.  In it Hellboy is a comic book character in the world of Next Men’s heroes.  It sure surprised them when Hellboy actually shows up.  Realizing how comics were such a big part of the narrative I figured why not read the whole series.  Sure enough after awhile every issue had something comic book related, a comic store appears, a poster or statue of a fake hero.  Cut to issue 14 and there in the background is a poster of Hellboy in a comic store.  Not only that but the page before has two of the books main characters discussing Hellboy’s origin as a comic hero!

So why is this image there?  Well John Byrne was helping Mignola script the Hellboy comic at this time.  He knew Hellboy was going to appear and the origin makes sense as the Next Men search for Action Maxx who’s adventures are rumored to be true.  What ends up happening is kind of amazing.  John Byrne becomes the first artist, not Mignola to draw Hellboy in color in a comic.  This comic also book predates SDCC 2, technically making it the first appearance of Hellboy.  Now you can argue it’s an obscured image but thankfully here is no doubt it is him and I suspect Hellboy fans will want this.  As for me,  I’m hoping that one day some of those other fake characters come back like the Blue Dahlia and the Walrus ( who’s claws came wayyyy before X-23!  )

NOTE:  There is also a Next Men promotional store poster which does   have the cover to NM 21 on it and it was released prior to Next Men 21


Walking Dead 27

First appearance of the Governor

Anyone see Zombieland?  It was a laugh out loud kill fest in a sea of crap comedies.  This movie was filled with great pop culture references including a nod to the Walking Dead.



Aggretsuko: The Guide to Office Life

Apparently this popular animated show is getting a comic release.  This book is already out and parts of its structure are in comic format.



Here’s a few I like this week



Batman Claratin Seasonal Allergy Giveaway

Hard to find in high grade this one has a pretty sweet animated style cover.



Retro Comix 50’s 1-3



Punx Manga Special

This low printed book has a killer Lau cover and fits nicely into the chicks on hover bikes collector’s category!



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