Holiday, Tank Girl, Super Dinosaur and More!

Welcome back to True Firsts!  This week I’m on Holiday.


Batman 692

First DCU proper appearance of Holiday

A few years back I wrote about this book thanks to some Gotham TV how spec.  I had no idea it would come back around.  I this book Batman mentions how Holiday was captured in effect canonizing the character.  Holiday and the events from those comics were not canon and follow the Year One timeline.

NOTE:  There is a Euro French reprint for this in issue 700 with a Finch cover.  It is quite rare.  There are a few other reprints that are a bit easier to find.



Batman Begins DVD Comic

Here is a strange reprinting of The Long Halloween issue 1

and the earliest foreign reprints to hunt for!



What if 4

First time Venom possessed the Hulk

Hmmmmm….this one might be a sleeper.

NOTE:  There is a Mark Jeweler, possibly a Canadian and Aussie price variant for this.  There is also a newsstand edition and a rare JC Penny reprint which is probably the one to look for.


San Diego Comic Con Comics 1

This comic book treat is littered with appearances and work by some of the industries legendary creators.  It is also has a sneaky appearance for characters from Tank Girl including the popular Jet Girl!




Mixx Zine 1-1

First US comic appearance and cover for Sailor Moon, predates series

There is nothing current that makes me add this but Sailor Moon has a passionate fan base and to date this has gone unnoticed.  Issue 1 of the Sailor Moon comic series can do pretty well at auction so it’s surprising that this comic, along with subsequent issues are undervalued.

NOTE:  Thanks to CBSI contributor Phil for diving deep on Sailor Moon to uncover some early Japanese firsts!




I am surprised the coloring books don’t do better on the secondary market.  They can be tough to find and even harder with uncolored pages.  This Howard cover is also spectacular and the new Amazon show has ut the heat on everything Super D.!


Here’s a badass McFarlane Mag cover!



First Jorge Meguro Cover



I am a big fan of bloody reflection, here is one you probably have never seen.


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