I’m assuming you saw what she did? How her power works? Anything we can do — anything any of us can do — she’s already there. It’s like — someone made a voodoo doll for the whole mutant race. That’s what Hope is. She’s us. All of us.

– Prodigy

Two haunting images of Cable and Hope.The first being shortly after birth, the second being Hope as a young adult and in between centuries and decades filled with elations, and subsequent shattered dreams of pure love and devotion for one another…

Greetings from the desert fellow CBSI members. There has been a lot of great chatter within our group in regards to a potential Hope Summers appearance in Deadpool 2. This will not be a complete synopsis of the universe she resides in as its multiple timelines. However, it will provide key highlights, issues, and importance of the characters. With the complexity of the storylines and myriad of covers, etc. my “Hope” (like that?!) is to take this info from drinking out of a firehose and streamline it into a nice drinkable cup!

In order to start, we must look back at where these rumors came from causing this speculation. Below is a look the first picture released of Cable & first teaser for Deadpool 2 that appeared post credits in Logan. This shot reveals two glaring Easter Eggs: One the teddy bear tied to Cable which comes from a storyline involving Hope. Two, the words Hope scribed on the phone booth. Again, this is purely spec, but that’s what many of us love about comics… anticipating the unknown.

Alright, with that out of the way, let’s focus on just who is this Hope Summers? – Cliff notes version, important 1st appearances and the why behind them. The beginning: Hope Summers was the first Mutant born post House of M. She is targeted immediately after birth and hunted by the Purifiers. During a firefight with these bad dudes, Cable is able to save her. Why? In his own words, “ The baby is a Messianic figure destined to save both mutant and humankind.” After yet another struggle with a multitude of other baddies (again this is cliff notes) leader of the X-Men, Cyclops sends Hope into the future with his son Cable to protect her life. Bishop ( 1st app. Uncanny X-Men 282) is obsessed with causing her demise so he tracks Cable and the baby through time in order to kill her and prevent the bleak future of his own timeline from happening. Confused yet? The end of this article will provide all the necessary reading in chronological order.

Okay, let’s hit some meat on the bones – covers.

1st Hope Summers: X-Men 205
1st app & 1st panel– Iconic IMO!

X-Men 205 1st print / JSC Variant / 2nd print

Here are some key issues and the WHY behind them…

Cable # 10
First issue she is referred to as Hope Summers

New X-Men # 36
1st referenced -The Purifiers and Bishop coin the name Antichrist for her as their belief is she is coming to kill a million humans in an instant.

X-Men Messiah Complex One Shot
1st mention of Hope’s birth

Cable # 21
1st cover as a teenager

Cable #25
Key origin with Deadpool, Cable, Hope all on front cover. Includes somewhat of a reenactment inside.

Cable and X-Force # 11
1st as Lady Stryfe – Future version of Hope Summers

Now let’s look at some of the more popular covers of Hope and Cable covers…

Finally, let’s look at some memorable panels demonstrating the devotion and care both Cable and Hope share with each other through many, many years of trials and tribulations.

As I stated at the beginning, my “Hope” is that this article provided some clarity. There is much more you can learn about her and the Omega level powers she possesses. The one glaring question still remains IF she is in Deadpool 2, who is playing her? Well, this girl is on the DP 2 IMDb page without a name listed for who she is playing. I really think she looks like Hope, but time will tell. Her name is Haley Sales, she has been in both movie and TV shows including Supergirl. You guys cast a vote, but wow she looks the part!

As promised, I will leave you with the chronological order via Trade to read Hope Summers storylines as they are complex and cross over many books. Appreciate you guys reading this, it was fun researching!

*A special thanks to Topher for his time, knowledge, and fact checking to bring this content right!

There are times when great minds think alike in terms of comics and specs related to them. A few days ago UltraMaximus gave us an amazing look into Hope Summers. Ironically, I just so happened to be working on something a little different, but has similarities. We both acknowledged this pre release of these articles and had a great laugh about it. This column is not to step on UltraMaximus toes, or steal any thunder. They were just both created a day apart not realizing the other was working on the same character.

We both hope you enjoy them on their own merit and gain knowledge from each one of them as together they cover the whole spectrum.

Thanks for your understanding!


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