Out of all the Fantastic Four Key Issues, FF 48 is almost too hot to touch right now.  Speculation gone wild with a mix of hard core fans hoping that Marvel will do the Surfer right would be enough to launch this book to the next level.  Sprinkle in the fact that this later Silver Age key has long been considered “undervalued” and you have continual record setting auction prices, including a CGC 6.0 just recently cracking the thousand dollar barrier in an Ebay Auction.



1st Appearance DOCTOR DOOM

“Villain books are simply not worth investing in.”  A statement many of us are familiar with, though incorrect to say the least.  With Marvel getting Fantastic Four back, there is a lot of speculation that Victor could be the next mega Big Bad in the MCU.  Now this is not to say that this book was not already doing just fine before the news of rights reverting to Marvel, but it certainly has put this comic back on a lot of collector and investor “must have lists”.



1st Appearance FANTASTIC FOUR

Viewed as the first true Marvel comic book, FF and Marvel comics as we know them owe a debt of thanks to DC’s Justice League as the head of Marvel at the time told Stan Lee to make a team of super heroes since JLA was doing so well.  As with most FF books, we are seeing renewed interest and gaining prices because of the team returning to the MCU.  Personally I think all the other early Silver Blue Chips from Marvel had their turn experiencing price spikes, this was long overdue.  Recent sales include a CGC 2.0 for 5400.00 and a 1.8 PGX(not mentioned in the title, lol) for 3899.00.




1st Appearance BLACK PANTHER

As this movie continues to break records and gain critical acclaim, the comic is climbing the price ladder.  All grades seem to be benefiting from the success at the box office with no end in sight.  Some argue it is far overdue for such an important Marvel character, others cry this is is inflated due to movie success.  No matter the reason, this book is hot hot hot, and probably will continue to command incredible prices for some time.




1st Silver Age Appearance SUB MARINER

Like him, love him or hate him, most are unaware that this was actually Marvel’s first Superhero(or villain depending your stance).  Namor debuted in April 1939(6 months before Marvel Comics #1) and over a year before Captain America in December of 1940.  The reintroduction of Subby in FF 4 has long been speculated on as a character that was destined to appear on the big screen, though prices never really took off as we witnessed back to back dumpster fires, sorry, “movies” featuring the Fantastic Four.  Arguments as to who owned the rights kept this book a great key issue but far from hot.  Well, there is still debate as to if Namor can even be used in the MCU, but that has not stopped investors, collectors and the deep pocketed speculators from driving prices up on this FF Key.


1st Appearance”Him”

Still a lot of heat on this book.  Arguments all over the place about this vs Thor #165 vs “who cares” about Warlock may be flying around, but multiple shots of the cocoon in MCU movies, and Adam being mentioned by name keep this book from falling back into oblivion.


1st Meeting of Hulk & Thing

Everyone might be out there searching for issue 4 and 5, but those in the know and those from the “old school” recognize the historical importance of this comic.  Long coveted by those seeking early Marvel Age key issues, FF 12 has always been a tough book to track down, especially in Fine or nicer shape.  Expect this to gain more heat as the FF are integrated into the MCU.


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