Classic Red Skull cover.

2 of these have come to market this week alone.  As I write this, a 4.5 is just shy of $7,000.00 on Ebay.  A raw lower grade sold in late September for a little under 5 grand.  Classic Red Skull, short number of known surviving copies, and this book has been dominating the Pre Code Horror section of the market lately.


Classic LB Cole

One of the top LB Cole covers out there.  Amazing surrealism cover from 1945 that transcends the Horror or LB Cole fan base driving the price through the roof.  A restored VG recently broke the 2,000.00 mark…  Compare this to a few years ago where unrestored VG copies sold for half of that.


Classic EC Bondage cover

Wally Wood from 1954 right before the Comics Code was established.  Mid graders are breaking a grand with not that much space between mid and low grade pricing.


Classic Skull Cover

Classic Bernard Baily cover from a run of amazing covers.  This example from 1954 is a little more common than first thought though fireworks still go off when one of these comes to auction.


Classic Bernard Baily Devil Cover

Another great example of a run full of incredible covers.  This run is dictated by Basil Wolverton, as many chase the 3 and the 8, this Baily cover has long been considered the true gem from the run.


Classic Cover

Running short on cover material that month, this is actually part of the cover of War Fury #1, a lesser known(or used to be at least) war comic from year or so earlier.  None the less Horrific is one of those books that gets attention when it comes to the market.


Maurice Whitman Red Dress Bondage Cover

A lot of attention has been shown on issue 2 lately as it broke records at auction last month.  Issue 6 has actually been a “chase book” for many PCH collectors for years.  I know I am a broken record, but this is yet another of those short run titles that is littered with classic covers.

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