1 BATMAN #121

Tough to find in any grade, from one of the toughest periods in DC’s history has this book coming in white hot…or cold??  Either way this book is a scorcher!  Every copy that comes to auction gets a lot of attention as well a lot of real bids.  Slabbed or raw makes no difference, this shows no signs of slowing down.  The time to buy was 5 years ago.

2 Batman #181

One of the great Batman Keys of the Silver Age, this book has always been tough in raw grade as the centerfold is a poster.  Posters get removed, making the number of complete copies a lot lower than that of the surrounding issues in the run.  Pair that with it being the first appearance of a female in the DC Universe and you have one of the hottest .12 DC comics on the planet.


3 Batman #139

Overlooked for many years as a tryout issue that deserved no real merit, the first appearance of the first Batgirl who is actually Batwoman’s niece.  Well, times change and with that comes the incredible price increases that most female first appearances experienced, easily landing this in the 3rd spot on this list.


4 Batman #171

DC is interesting in the sense that some of the major villains, especially in the Batman run, were not used for so long, the reintroduction of them in the Silver Age is celebrated as a Key Issue.  The Riddler seems to be the hottest of these though there are 2 others hot on his heels.


5Batman #189

The Scarecrow originally appeared in World’s Finest 3, though was rarely used until, like the Riddler, he was reintroduced in issue 189 of Batman.  This time with a revamped origin story.  Needless to say folks are quick to bid when this one comes up for bid.


Batman #155

Just missing the cut of the top 5, the Penguin’s reintroduction into the Batman run has always been of interest to collectors.  Some are quick to suggest that Oswald’s role in the TV show Gotham is adding to the price of this minor key, though I am not so sure…


Batman #136

Classic Silver Age Joker Cover.  Arguably one of the best from the age.  Sheldon Moldoff is well known for a myriad of things in comics including being the co creator of Poison Ivy, Freeze and the Original Batgirl just to name a few.  Seems fitting one of his Joker covers sits on this list.

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