HOT 5 : Wonder Woman Variants



1:100 Finch Variant

When first looking into Wonder Woman variants, I actually thought the slabbed copies of this book were only big money because of the signature or the 9.8 attached to it.  Nope…  Raw copies, non 9.8 slabs, its all selling and all commanding huge money.  Could be the simplicity of this cover, could be the way Finch makes you want more of his work.  I don’t know, what I do know is this is clearly the top of the Wonder Woman Variant scale, by a mile it seems…



Steampunk Variant

The day this book released the comic boards were filled with laughter…  Laughter aimed at those “fool variant chasers” paying upwards of 50.00 for this comic.  Well, it’s now the variant chasers of the time who are laughing as this book has all but been swallowed up into personal collections and realized over 200.00 when brought to market.  When shopping, beware the Euro Variant, though those in need of this cover but lacking the desire to pay hundreds of dollars do have that option…



Adam Hughes (Sketch & Color)

Arguably some of Hughes’ best work this swipe of Sensation 1 is on most collector’s list.  Copies move briskly in both raw and slabbed, commanding over 200.00 in high grade.



1:10 Dustin Nguyen Cover

One of the best kept secrets among variant collectors.  For years this was a secret “Ghost” of a variant.  Though with the release of the Wonder Woman movie, more fans have discovered this masterpiece.  While the print run was somewhat low, the number of stores that actually ordered 10 copies to get this incentive is even lower.



Alex Garner 1:10 Cover

For a long time issue 601 was the Garner Variant to own.  At some point in the last 6 months or so, this issue eclipsed 601 and has kept moving.  Fans are rabid for this book and though the supply is not really limited, the price seems to keep rising.


Alex Garner 1:10

Could have been issue 601 here, and honestly maybe it should be.  Both are incredible covers but more completed sales in the 100.00 range keep this one on the radar.


Steampunk Cover

The lack of completed sales on this one has it hovering down in the Honorable Mention section instead of, what I assume would be close to the WW 28 prices on this incredible cover.

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