Hulk Hogan, Immortal Hulk, Umbrella Academy and More!

Welcome to True Firsts, where collecting and speculating collide!  I’m not going to bore you all with a long intro about this weeks pics.  I am on vacation after all.  Even so I have managed to string together a quick list of relevant books.




Batman View-Master

First View Master Comic

It’s a pretty crazy thing that we are going to get a View Master movie! View Master did have a comic appearance first too!



What if…16

A few months back some other What If Conan books increased based on Avengers rumors. Well now we know that the legendary barbarian will be an Avenger after all, just a bit more savage!  I believe this one is the first time these two future partners go toe to toe.




Fantastic Four 65

First appearance of Ronan the Accuser and The Supreme Intelligence

Now that we know Annette Bening is the Supreme Intelligence in the upcoming Captain Marvel film,  this once hot book is trending upwards again.  Villain specs don’t often do well long term but the Kirby cover doesn’t hurt.

You might want to pick this one up too!  There is nothing wrong with owning a Danvers bondage cover/Supreme Intelligence.

and the first cover for the evil Kree super-mind!




The Utopia Experiments

First appearance of Utopia

If you haven’t checked out the UK TV show Utopia and you love comics you need to.  Or you can wait until the Amazon remake!  Honestly  I cannot recommend a show more. The series macguffin is this graphic novel which was actually printed and given away is limited quantity, coinciding with the dvd release. It is very, very rare.




Myspace TPB 1 and 2

These two are interesting because they print early digital Umbrella Academy  shorts.  Right now they can be found cheap.  These are undervalued in my opinion.  The set collects other digital rarities of popular characters like Hellboy, the Goon and even the earliest pro work for Rebecca Sugar.




Discover Dark Horse Convention Sampler 2007

Here’s an interesting behemoth of a  book.  This one predates issue 1 of the inaugural Umbrella Academy mini series.  As far I know the series villain The White Violin did not appear in the FCBD issue, I wonder if she appears here.




Jim Henson’s The Storyteller

First comic appearance


Jim Henson’s the Storyteller is coming back thanks to Neil Gaiman!  Here is the comic first.




Iron Man 227

First comic appearance of Hulk Hogan

So Thor is gonna play the Hulkster in a biopic. I wonder who will play Andre?  Here is the Hulk’s first!

He next appeared in MCP 45.  In this issue we get to see the Hulk vs the Hulk!!!


If you know the first comic appearance of Andre the Giant let me know and it is not Nintendo Power 4!




Since there still seems to be some Immortal Hulk confusion here is my position. First I believe the first appearance of The Immortal Hulk is irrelevant and for good reason but that doesn’t mean these books should be avoided. In fact the opposite is true.  Despite the Immortal Hulk just being the Hulk here is what you need to know.


Avengers 679

First Ewing writing Immortal Hulk ( speaks, unseen )

This issue is the first time the writer commits dialogue to the Immortal Hulk. We do not see him, only a strange green glow.


Avengers 680

Cameo of Immortal Hulk in shadows

In this issue we learn he is immortal. Look,  if MOS 17 sells with a hand appearance I think the Immortal Hulk smiling qualifies.


Avengers 681

Cameo and cover ad for 684


Avengers 682 ( look for the 1:25 fisting cover )

First via Cameo.

In this issue we see the Immortal Hulk in full ( meaning his entire body ) and he is named The Immortal Hulk.



Avengers 682 2nd and 683

Both of these have cover appearances and came out the same week. 682 2nd print uses the last panel from 682 as it’s cover,  making it the second cover for the character.  684 predates it.


Avengers 684

First full appearance of The Immortal Hulk

After rereading this run, especially this issue it is pretty clear through the Challenger’s narration that the Hulk has ALWAYS been immortal only Banner didn’t know for sure. Challenger clearly knows. The reason this book is important is because it is the origin of the Green Door and first physical appearance.  It  is  important to note that the  Challenger is a key figure in bringing the Hulk back.

NOTE:  This book is also the first appearance of the Green Door, a major new part of the Hulk mythos.  This creation was retconned to an earlier issue of The Incredible Hulks 620 ( thank you Gary N. ) but in that issue the door is not seen.

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