Incredible(s) Kids Comics Variants

Shaun’s Popeye spec and a couple of upcoming movies got me thinking about some other rare kids comics variants.  Plus, I got tired of writing about DCUs… just kidding. I will still sprinkle DCU mentions throughout the article… because you can’t teach that?!?


The Incredibles


The Incredibles was released way back in 2004, before the Internet comic spec era.  After 14 years, we are finally getting a sequel in June. Between now and then, BOOM! Published a mini-series in 2009 followed by an ongoing series.  You know what else they published? If you guessed variants, you are correct!


The first twelve issues of the ongoing series had at least one variant but all are unremarkable.  They are largely Black and White sketch variants or Cover B’s with connecting covers to Cover A of the same issue or Cover B of the preceding issue.  Issue #0 and and #8 had Blank/Sketch Convention Variants.


The Incredibles: Family Matters mini-series that preceded the ongoing series, however, has some more interesting variants.  Issue #1 had four standard connecting covers featuring the various Incredibles characters.



Issue #1 also went to a second printing with the four connecting covers reprinted in a different color scheme.  Interestingly, the same issue also had a Limited Edition Variant with a Mike Mignola cover, as well as Foil Emerald City, SDCC and Heroes Con variants, each limited to 500 copies.  Unless you are into foil, the Mignola seems to be the one to get.


The Incredibles: Family Matters #1 Mike Mignola Incentive Variant (7 9.8s on the census)



Each remaining issue of the mini has a Tom Scioli variant.  Scioli is known for his Kirby-like style and he did not disappoint for these variant covers.

The Incredibles: Family Matters #2 Tom Scioli variant (Fantastic Four #51 homage) Six 9.8s on the census



Issue #3 Tom Scioli HeroesCon variant (limited to 500) No 9.8s on the census



The distressed vintage look continued with yet another Scioli variant (limited to 500) for issue #4.  Unfortunately this is marred by the logo.



Batman Adventures #18 (Batman Logo UPC Variant)



Both Batman Adventures and The Batman & Robin Adventures series have a number of DC Universe and “Batman Logo” variants.  Some issues even have 2nd printings (BA #16) and promotional reprints (BA #25). However, this BA #18 with the Batman logo in the UPC is a ghost.


Superman Adventures #1 (Superman Logo UPC Variant)



Did you know that Superman Adventures #1 has a wraparound cover?  Did you know that in addition to the direct sales and newsstand versions, there is a variant that has the Superman logo on the back cover UPC?  If not, now you do. This issue is also notable for the first appearance of Mercy Graves.


Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? #2 (Carmen Sandiego Logo UPC Variant)



I spent plenty of time as a kid playing the original games, but I must have missed the animated series.  However, a Netflix revival is set to premiere in 2019, which gives you plenty of time to chase down this ghost.  It was likely sold at retail in a sealed 2-pack with the almost as equally scarce DC Universe variant of issue #1.


Sonic the Hedgehog/Mega-Man: Worlds Unite Connecting Variants


Sonic was one of the longest-running ongoing series until Archie and Sonic broke up last year.  But that break up doesn’t mean Sonic is losing his legs. IDW is relaunching the series next month and a Sonic film is slated to be released on November 15th, 2019.


During the last five years of its run, nearly every issue of Sonic had a variant, including the issues of Sonic spin-off series like Sonic Boom and Sonic Universe.  At the same time, Archie published a Mega Man series. All 55 issues of Mega Man had a variant. During their respective runs, Sonic and Mega Man had two crossovers, Worlds Collide and Worlds Unite.


For the Worlds Unite event, Archie released 12 connecting variants that formed the 4×3 image below.  If you are a fan of both characters, you can try to find all twelve variants to complete the set. Good luck with the hunt!


  • Sonic Universe #76 – #78
  • Sonic Boom #8 – #10
  • Sonic the Hedgehog #273 – #275
  • Mega Man #50 – #52



Bonus Points

Find all the variants for the two one-shots, Sonic the Hedgehog: Worlds Unite Battles #1 and Mega Man: Worlds Unite Battles Issue #1.


Extra Bonus Points (aka the Topher challenge)

Are there are first comic appearances of any Capcom or Sega characters in this crossover?


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