Indie Spotlight Series 12


Hello everyone and welcome back. The holiday rush is now over!  I hope everyone had a great 2018 and has an even better 2019. Plenty of good comics coming out this week and one that will capture some hearts and bring back memories for many. ……  Let’s get to it.


Savants 1

Source Point Press

Savants 1 will release this week from Source Point Press and with it will come a wide range of emotions. This is the final work of Gary Reed (The Undisputed Top Dog In The World of Independent Comics) and is long overdue!  This book was put on hiatus after the unexpected death of Mr. Reed in October of 2016.

There is a ton to be said about how big Reed was in the independent comic world. Reed created Caliber Comics and his run in the late 80s and 90s was epic. He published big name creators such as Brian Michael Bendis, David Mack, Dave Cooper and Kevin Van Hook.. just to name a few.

I reached out to Source Point Press about this book and they are very excited about its release stating:


“He (Gary Reed) was a dear friend and mentor to Josh Werner and Travis Mcintire and Source Point Press wouldn’t be what it is without his guidance and knowledge. His death is an important part to the mini – series because of what the series is. Not only is it the last thing he ever wrote, but it ties into over 20 years of other stories he’d written. It reads completely as a stand- alone though, requiring no previous reading, but for those who want to read more it’s connected to a legacy of other stories that were published by Caliber back in the day. It’s kind of like Stephen King’s Dark Tower in that way”.  


With all that being said, I myself cant wait for this book and am also making it my pick of the week.

Ok and here’s your tip of the day courtesy of CBSI. Issue 1 and 2 are already up on the publishers website………


Rags 3

Antarctic Press

Issue three in this controversial great series releases this week and Iexpect it to do well on the aftermarket just like the first two issues. Rags has all the elements to be a book we talk about for a long time to come so, I would definitely think about picking this issue up if you see it at your LCS for cover price or slightly over. There is an exposed variant that would be my pick. That version has seen several sales on ebay already and is an $18 book shipped. Cover A is going for right around $10 to $12 shipped.


Criminal 1

Image Comics

Many people have been waiting on the return of this 2007 Eisner award winning story by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips and it is finally here. This series abruptly stopped and little was known why. Most speculate it was so the two could work on other projects. The story picks back up with the same main character and now you can throw his troubled son in the mix. Should be a fun read and in my opinion a good long term hold. With Kill or be Killed getting optioned, I feel it may just be a matter of time for this one.  


Barrack Panther vs Tremendous Trump

Antarctic Press

Honestly how could you not want to at least see whats inside this book?!?!?!? I’m sold at cover price for sure. Trump is definitely in the news everyday and a very polarizing figure. I find myself collecting his covers because I feel like we may see controversial history with him one way or the other…  I’m sure that’s just me but oh well. (Red or Black Cover available)


Blood Realm 3

Alterna Comics

I am in love with this series and can’t wait to get my hands on the final issue. Epic story and solid art. Can’t say enough about the simplistic wonders of this series! If you haven’t read this series you should definitely give it a shot. I look for issue 3 to heat up a little on the secondary market as I think it will be hard to find. Issue 1 is an $8 book while issue 2 sits at $6. Not bad for a $1.50 cover price.


Watch out for these other titles releasing this week


Image Comics


Bitter Root 3

connecting cover

Black Bird 4

Cemetery Beach 5

Curse Words 19

Die 1

second print

Die 2

The Freeze 2

Kick-Ass 11

Murder Falcon 4

Oblivion Song 11

Outer Dark 3

Prodigy 2

Self Made 2

Dark Horse Comics


Alien Dust to Dust 4

Cover Pick of the Week!!!




Turok 1

Barbarella 1

Vampirella 4


Boom Studios


Wizard Beach 2


Aftershock Comics


Moth and Whisper 5

Patience Conviction Revenge 5

Conspiracy 2 Doppelganger

Zenescope – DISAPPOINTED that this won’t carry over from the Illuminati story. Hope they pick that back up.

Null Fairies 1

Action Lab – I honestly like the looks of this and will try to pick this up as well

Phantasmagoria 2

Amigo Comics

Poser 4

Waxwork Comics

Stabbity Ever After 1

Scout Comics – This would have been in my top 5 but scout is having tons of trouble staying on a schedule and it’s hurting their product in my opinion.

Wrong Earth 5

Ahoy Comics

Blackening 1

Amigo Comics

Life is Strange 2

Titan Comics


Last Week’s Updates


Knights of the Golden Sun 2

Mad Cave Studios

This book is on fire!  $25 book on the aftermarket with no signs of slowing down. Great story, Great art and low Print run. Win all the way around!!


Project Superpowers 5

Dynamite Entertainment

$25 dollar book on the aftermarket!!! This book is a ghost.


Halo Lone Wolf 1

Dark Horse Comics

Lots of sales on this book but it can still be found at cover. Just got mine and have not had a chance to read it yet.


Middlewest 1

second print – Image Comics

Good sales but can still be found at cover if you look hard enough. Great story!!!


Whispering Dark 3

My copy has yet to arrive and I can’t wait to read it. Copies can still be found at cover, but there aren’t a ton of these books out there.


Thanks for reading and I hope this helps out.




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