Indie Spotlight Series 15


Hello again everyone and welcome back to another edition of ISS. All in all this is not an overwhelming week by any means for Independent Comics. However there is always a hidden gem or two out there waiting to be found, and I hope this helps point you in the right direction to do so.


WYRD 1 – Dark Horse Comics

WYRD 1 comes to us this week from Dark Horse Comics and looks to be a good read from the previews I have seen. The book is about a special Investigator that the U.S. Government hires when they have messes that they can’t clean up, or deal with themselves. The Protagonists  first case is tracking down a super soldier experiment gone bad……. Seems interesting and the art looks good , so I will definitely be giving this one a shot on Wednesday.


WWE Forever (One Shot) – Boom! Studios

I can honestly say I have been waiting on this one for a while! This new one shot from Boom Studios takes a behinds the scenes look at professional wrestling in its prime when the series was called WWF!!! I like this idea and hope that it sparks more issues following the same path. In my opinion when  wrestling was  under the WWF logo it was in  a class by itself  and I hope this book brings back some of those nostalgic memories for everyone. The Main Cover for this book is perfect in every way and is my pick of the week.


Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror 4 – Ahoy Comics

Absolutely love the cover on Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror 4 from Ahoy Comics as it is a homage to Jaws. Shark covers sell and I don’t think this one will be any different, even though it is not technically a shark haha. Aside from the cover I do have to say that I’m enjoying the outlandish and far out stories from this series as well. Only one listed on Ebay as I write this , and its for $19.99….


Peter Cannon Thunderbolt – Dynamite Comics

I admittedly know NOTHING about this book , but it has been rumored to be an unauthorized tie in to Watchmen and Doomsday clock which definitely has put it on some collectors radar. If this is true it could get warm on the secondary market. If i see a copy at cover I will be picking it up and hoping for the best.


Unit 44 #1 – Alterna Comics

Over the last couple weeks Alterna has looked like D.C. and Marvel with the sheer amount of titles they are kicking out! Well not really , but not bad for an Indie Publisher haha. This week we get the release of Unit 44 and its unique premise. Two Incompetent guards of Area 51 forget to pay the rent on an off base storage unit that gets auctioned off to the public. What’s inside is apparently something that could end the world as we know it. Tons of other titles releasing this week from Alterna as well, so make sure and check them out too.


Other Titles Releasing This Week


Ice Cream Man 9

Image Comics

Infinite Dark 4

Image Comics

Man Eaters 5

Image Comics

Spawn 293

Image Comics

Crimson Lotus 3

Dark Horse Comics

Fight Club 3 #1

Dark Horse Comics

Night Moves 3


Elvira , Shape of Elvira 1

Dynamite Entertainment

Bone Parish 6

Boom Studios

Sparrowhawk 4

Boom Studios

Actual Rodger 1

Alterna Comics

Animosity Evolution 10

Aftershock Comics

Feast or Famine 2

Alterna Comics

Giant Sized Jingles 1

Aardvark Ent.


Alterna Comics

Life is Strange 3

Titan Comics

Powers in Action 1

Action Lab Entertainment

Shadowplay 1

Scout Comics


Last Week’s Updates


Oliver 1 – Image Comics

I enjoyed issue 1 for sure thought the art was good. Still found at cover price all over the place.


Lady Death Hellraiders 1 Bombshell Variant

Strong sales with the most recent being $15


Blossoms 666 #1 – Archie Comics

Hack variant is the Big winner selling at  $10 right now.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1 – Boom Studios

Most all covers can still be found at cover or cheaper. I have not been able to read it yet.


Turnbuckle Titans 1 Nikolai Volkoff – Antarctic Press

Sales at $12 and only a few listed. Rare book but not a ton of movement on it either.


Thanks again for reading , and I hope this helps out.



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