Indie Spotlight Series 19


Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of I.S.S. This week brings us plenty of  good reads, a couple great covers , and some new titles releasing as well. Without hesitation, lets jump right in.


Honor and Curse #1

Mad Cave Studios

Mad Cave is back again with another series that I feel will not disappoint readers and art fans! Written by the Mad Cave studios CEO and author of Knights of The Golden Sun Mark London Honor and Curse dives into the intriguing world of Japanese Folklore. I was able to read the first issue and I can say that it will move you in more ways than one. It follows a young Japanese warrior through his rise to and fall from greatness. The issue starts with a flashback that will set the tone for the whole series. Highly recommended read. People are already starting to go crazy for this one on the secondary market as there are currently none available on ebay and the last sale was $15 . My Pick of the week!


Oliver 2

Image Comics

Oliver comes to us from image comics and the first issue in this series was Excellent in my opinion. Its concept comes from Oliver Twist but the stories are vastly different. Oliver, the protagonist is being raised secretly by a civilization of super soldiers that the world has turned its back on after a nuclear holocaust. This is another series that the writing is spot on in, and I can’t wait to see where issue two takes us. If you’re a fan of Apocalyptic storylines then this book is a must read. This is another title that I will be putting away for a long term hold as the premise is one that I could see being made into a movie.  


Forgotten Queen 1

Valiant Entertainment

Second straight week with a new Valiant title releasing , and I have to admit this one has caught my eye. Forgotten Queen 1 will resurrect an old valiant villain named War Monger who most thought was dead. She first appeared in Unity 18 and it’s rumored that valiant has BIG plans for this character in the future. That being said ,  this may be a series to pick up and see what happens. Valiant has promised big things for their 30th anniversary this year and I can’t wait to see everything play out!!!


Spawn 294

Image comics

Cover art is solely what draws me to this comic!!!! This is honestly my favorite one so far of the Spawn Mattina / Mcfarlane run! While some are still jumping on the bash Mattina bandwagon I will continue to be an avid supporter. In my opinion he is one of the best in the business at the moment and this cover shows exactly why!!!!! Will be grabbing a few of the Virgin variants for my PC.


Hardcore 3

Image Comics

Issue two was definitely not as jaw dropping as the first but this series still has my attention. However issue two did leave us with a major cliffhanger at the end and I’m very anxious to see how it plays out. Great read so far and a long term hold in my opinion as of now, just hope it can get back some of the momentum it had after issue one.




Stronghold 1

Aftershock Comics

Stronghold 1 was my favorite read last week. Once again this is a book I went into not expecting to be blown away, and boy was I wrong. The storytelling and world building in this book are phenomenal. We learn a ton in this first issue , and it’s never overwhelming at any point. The story is about a super being that is just figuring out that he is not the ordinary Insurance salesman from St. Louis that others want him to think he is. The earth is his prison and things are about to get interesting!!!! No spoilers here, but I highly recommend this book if you’re a fan of SCI-Fi adventure.


Also Watch Out For These Titles Releasing This Week


Ice Cream Man 10

Image Comics

Man Eaters 6

Image Comics

The Realm 11

Image Comics

Alien Resistance 2

Dark Horse Comics

Black Hammer Age of Doom 8

Dark Horse Comics (Great Cover B by Bill S.)

Crimson Lotus 4

Dark Horse Comics

Fight Club 3 #2

Dark Horse Comics


Dark Horse Comics

Punks Not Dead London Calling 1

IDW / Black Crown

Bone Parish 7

Boom Studios

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 2

Boom Studios

Firefly 4

Boom Studios

Bloodshot Rising Spirit 4


Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror 5

Ahoy Comics

Life is Strange 4

Titan Comics

Mega Ghost 3

Albatross Funny Books

Savants 2

Source Point Press

Sin City 1


Wasted Space 7

Vault Comics


Last Week’s Updates


Incursion 1


Great story that you can just jump right into without knowing a ton about the Valiant universe itself. Still can be found everywhere at cover price


Sharkey The Bounty Hunter 1

Image Comics

Loved the story so far and can definitely see huge potential once this hits netflix. Don’t pass up cheap copies would be my advice on this one. Can still be found almost anywhere. I am with AKA Mr. Bolo on this one in saying LONG TERM PLAY!


Zodiac 1

Zenescope Ent.

This is another one where i know very little about the universe ( Grimm Fairy Tales ) but I thoroughly enjoyed the story. Zodia could quite possibly be the most deadly assassin I have ever seen! Definitely worth checking it out.


Stronghold 1


I honestly can’t say enough about the way this book reads!! Total HomeRun in my opinion! Cheap copies still available most everywhere.


Knights of The Golden Sun 4

Mad Cave Studios

PERFECTION!!!! If your not reading this series you are missing out!!!!! It just keeps getting better and better and shows no signs of slowing down. This is an 8 dollar book on the aftermarket and is still very hard to find!!!


Thanks again to everyone for reading, and I hope everyone has a great week!!!!



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