Indie Spotlight Series 20


Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of I.S.S.  This week there are some great books coming out so let’s jump right into it.


Ronin Island 1 – Boom Studios

If you liked Honor and Curse last week then Ronin Island from Boom Studios might be just for you. This book has that same Japanese Shogun feel to it but also adds some sci fi-ish twists. The premise has me sold and I will definitely be picking this book up. Also, there is a 1:15 variant that you may want to keep your eye on. Strong sales already on ebay with a few starting to creep up over cover price along with great reader reviews are my reasons for making this my pick of the week.


Morning in America 1 – Oni Press

Morning In America 1 from Oni Press seems to have all the makings of a hit which I’ve been really looking forward to. The premise is a girl gang on the streets of Ohio trying to solve the mystery of why teenagers are disappearing in their home town without a trace. The ‘“girl gang” is supposedly sailor moon esque so I think that will add even another dimension. If done right this book could be EPIC!! If not, it’s a dumpster fire waiting to happen. I will have a review on this one next week.


Once Our Land Book Two #1 – Scout Comics

Last week I listened to the Unpressable Defects podcast episode 145 with special guest James Haick from Scout Comics and I must say I was blown away!!!! James has Scout Comics heading in the right direction for sure and if your a fan of Indie comics this is a must watch show! In the episode he talks about Once Our Land and how far along the animated picture is that’s coming out! I loved the first volume of this series and have been waiting on this one to release for a long time. Something to be cognisant of is if this motion picture takes off these books will be highly sought after and there are just not a ton of them out there. I would definitely not let this one pass you by if you see it on Wednesday for cover price.


My Little Pony Friendship is Magic 75 – IDW

Celebrating their 75th issue, this one will be a double sized giant full of surprises. Not a ton of people talk about My Little Pony but if you pay close attention there are some big time GEMS in this series. This issue will carry a $7.99 price tag, but that doesn’t seem to be slowing it down as sales are consistent. I will be watching the 1:10 variant and picking it up if i can find it for a long term hold.


Astro Hustle 1 – Dark Horse Comics

Really like the premise on this book and Dark Horse Comics has been putting out some fantastic reads lately! Honestly, not quite sure how to describe this book other than sci fi on steroids at the disco….  This one may be like no other outer space story we have ever seen and I can’t wait!


Worth A Read


The Forgotten Queen 1 – Valiant Entertainment

Really impressed with the storytelling in this read. The book basically gives a back story on War Monger and shows just how powerful she is before revealing a huge twist at the end. The book jumps wonderfully back in forth in time between present day and the time of Genghis Khan. Glad to see this character get her own series and can’t wait to read more.

Side Note: I know nothing about the Valiant Universe and it presented no problem jumping into this book! It gives you all the back story you need.




Cemetery Beach 7 of 7

Image Comics

Die 4


Eclipse 13

Image Comics

Middle West 1 Fourth Print

Image Comics

Self Made 4

Image Comics

Unnatural 8

Image Comics

Vindication 2

Image Comics

Walking Dead 189

Image Comics

Witchblade 12

Image Comics

Black Hammer 45 #1

Dark Horse Comics

Disneys Frozen , Reunion Rd. 1

Dark Horse Comics

Halo Lone Wolf 3

Dark Horse Comics

G.I. Joe A Real American Hero Yearbook


John Wick 2


Obey Me 0


Six Million Dollar Man 1

Dynamite   (Great Cover B by Putri)

Blackening 3

Amigo Comics

Blossoms 666 1 Second Print

Archie Comics

Blossoms 666 2

Archie Comics

Fartnite 1

Keenspot (COVER OF THE YEAR !!!!!)

God of Bad Men 2

Amigo Comics

Gun Cats 3

Action Lab

Nice 4 of 4

American Gothic Press

Oberon 2

Aftershock Comics

Tank Girl Action Alley 3


Turnbuckle Titans 2

Antarctic Press

William the Last , Fight or Flight 1

Antarctic Press


Last Weeks Updates


Honor and Curse 1 – Mad Cave Studios

Another great read from Mark London and title that is still hot on the aftermarket from Mad Cave Studios. This is still a $15 book on ebay and not showing signs of slowing down. Highly recommend reading this book if Japanese Folklore is your thing!


Oliver 2 – Image Comics

Loved this issue as the story is getting stronger and stronger. This one can still be found everywhere at cover but also be on the lookout for issue 1. Seems as though late cheap copies are drying up and you’re seeing more and more $7 to $8 listings.


The Forgotten Queen 1 – Valiant Ent.

Still found at cover everywhere. The B cover is an awesome shark cover that is getting harder and harder to find.


Spawn 294 – Image Comics

No first appearance here from what I can tell but nevertheless still a great cover. Still found everywhere at cover.


Hardcore 3 – Image Comics

Haven’t read yet but it’s on my list for this week. Still found at cover price.

Thanks again for reading and I hope this gives you some ideas on what to pick up.



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