Indie Spotlight Series 23


Hello everyone and welcome back to Indie Spotlight series. Well, we have ourselves another decent amount of books releasing this week following up the monster of the week before! Once again there is a little something for everyone so let’s jump right in!


Neon Future 1 – Impact Theory L.L.C

The much anticipated release of Neon Future from the creative mind of Grammy nominated DJ Steve Aoki will be releasing this week and it is already selling out at various places.

Some of you may be saying to yourself “where have I heard Neon Future before?” and the answer is it was Aoki’s title for his second album. That being said, you know that this project will be near and dear to his heart.

Eisner award winning writer Jim Krueger has also signed on to ensure this series will be well done! The story takes place in a future where technology is illegal and a war is brewing.  If sci/fi is your thing then this may be one for you. Copies are selling well on Ebay.

Cover A is going for $8 to $10 with only two copies left for $6.99 plus shipping. All variants are going for over $10. Keep in mind that copies can be found on the publisher’s website as well, but I have no idea how that particular publisher ships their books.

Definitely keep your eyes on this book as Wednesday approaches. This is my PICK OF THE WEEK.



Star Bastard 1 – Scout Comics

Star Bastard from Scout Comics has been on my radar for a while now and was a very strong candidate to be my pick of the week. I reached out to the writer Andrew Clemson to see if I could get some info and he was more than helpful!

Clemson said he pitched this as Eastbound And Down in outer space, so if you’re a fan of the show then this book may be the one for you. Picture Kenny Powers leading a crew in outer space into one bad situation after another!!!!! Priceless!!!

He also went on to say “I love big loud space adventures and despite being overwhelmingly a Marvel kid, growing up some of my favorite characters were Lobo, Guy Gardner and Booster Gold.

I think there is a bit of all of them in Greeves (our main character) and the rest of the book draws heavily from my love for comedy classics like Spaceballs, Red Dwarf and Blackadder.”  

This book started as a kickstarter before Andrew signed on with Scout. Sales on the Secondary Market are already up on Cover A as it’s going for $7.99. As of now, only two listings for the variant and they are both over $29.



These Savage Shores 1 Black and White Edition – Vault Comics

Well, if you missed out on your chance at reading the amazing first issue this is your chance to do so at cover price.  That’s IF you can find it come Wednesday. The order window for this book was very small at first and I think it will be groselly underordered to start. It can now be reordered and is still in stock at Diamond but we all know how re-orders go.  Vault has reassured everyone that this is a first print and it will also launch their new Vault Lines special edition series. This means the book will be done in all black and white with the original ink lines to highlight the spectacular art. Also, the book will be printed on a heavier stock material. This SCREAMS collectors item to me and that’s why I will be picking some up.



Sabrina The Teenage Witch 1 – Archie Comics

Sabrina the Teenage Witch is back with Cover C being the one that everyone has been waiting on and it’s finally here!!! If this cover looks familiar it’s because it was solicited back in 2017 before being canceled. Sabrina the series has been hot lately but don’t get this book confused with The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (though, I do think this cover will do well over time). This book will be more like the original series from what I understand. There is also a store variant for this cover that is the same art but a virgin cover and it’s getting over $150 on the secondary market while the black and white virgin from the same store is getting $40. That being said, I think this will price most buyers out of those two and make the trade dress Cover C sell well. It’s all about the supply and demand on this one.



30 Days of Night 1 – IDW

Part of celebrating IDW publishing’s 20 year anniversary consists of bringing back some fan favorites.  30 Days of Night has the nod this week.  Vampire stories are heating back up and this is a great time for this book to drop. I absolutely love the cover art on this book and as a bonus you will get the full story all in one issue! That’s right, 100 page giant and it’s not from Walmart so there will be no controversy or angry moms! This book is also selling well on the secondary market with very few listed at cover as of now. If you’re a vampire fan then this one might be worth picking up.



Sleeper Pick

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 37 Mercado Variant

I admittedly know little to nothing about Power Rangers but Ebay listings or lack thereof have this one on my radar. The one thing I do know about this series is the Mercado Helmet Variants typically do sell well, which is why I started looking for this one.  Might be one to watch after Wednesday but only time will tell.




Hardcore 4

Image Comics

Ice Cream Man 11

Image Comics (Cover B is spectacular)

Man Eaters 7

Image Comics

Outcast 40

Image Comics

The Realm 12

Image Comics

Sharkey the Bounty Hunter 2


Spawn 295

Image Comics (supposed to be a big one but we all know how this goes with Spawn)

Bad Luck Chuck 1

Dark Horse Comics

Black Hammer Age of Doom 9

Dark Horse Comics

Umbrella Academy Hotel Oblivion 6

Dark Horse Comics

G.I. Joe Sierra Muerte 2


Glow 1


Transformers 2


Bone Parish 8

Boom Studios

Wrestlemania 2019 #1

Boom Studios

Beyonders 5

Aftershock Comics

Bloodshot Rising Spirit 5


Breakneck 4 of 4

Titan Comics

Forgotten Queen 2

Valiant  (loved the first issue)

Friendo 5

Vault (wraps up the series)

Lollipop Kids 4


Magical Beatdown 2

Silver Sprocket ($8 Cover!!! WHY ??????)

Megaghost 4

Albatross Funnybooks

Once our Land Book Two #2

Scout Comics

Providence 7

Avatar Press

Punchline 5

Antarctic Press

Quinncredible 5

Lion Forge

Rags 1 Third Print

Antarctic Press

Rick and Morty 48

Oni Press

Savants 3

Source Point Press

Viking Queen 1 One Shot

Source Point Press

Wasted Space 8


William the Last Fight and Flight 2

Antarctic Press

Wulfborne 2

Scout Comics


Last Week’s Updates


Dark Red 1 – Aftershock Comics

This one was strong out the gate on the secondary market with the regular cover hitting as much as $15 shipped and the 1:10 variant selling for $40+. Sales have since slowed a bit and Cover A can be found for $10 shipped however the 1:10 is still around $40. C2E2 variants selling very well along with the 3 or 4 store variants as well.

Reader Review: This was a highly anticipated read for me from Aftershock Comics. Going in, I may have admittedly expected a little to much but the overall story was excellent. Honestly I feel like we have just cracked the surface in issue 1learning about the main character, Chip, and the backwoods town in which he lives. We get a pretty good look into Chip’s life finding out what this Vampire is all about.  Great world building to start in my opinion, and by the last page we see a new character that will obviously play a big role in this series.  The one thing I was worried with Seeley writing would be the political undertones but if you weren’t looking for them you will honestly pass right over them. I will definitely be picking up issue two and hope it gets a little deeper into the story.  



Rise 1 – Scout Comics

Strong pre sales and release day sales have since slowed and both covers can be found for around $5. This is once again BIG BOY reading at its finest. Take your time reading this book and it will not disappoint! This is no ordinary comic folks!!!



Honor and Curse 2 – Mad Cave Studios

Strong sales and great stories seem to be the norm at Mad Cave Studios now. Currently, this book will cost you $10 before shipping. Saw sales as high as $15



Dungeons and Dragons Darkened Wish 1 – IDW

Sales are steady with some left at cover. The 1:10 can still be found below ratio and I would definitely keep my eye on this one to see if it trends up over the next couple months.



Blessed Machine 1 – Cave Publishing

Can still be found at cover everywhere.



Thanks for reading and I hope this helps give you some ideas for Wednesday.



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