Indie Spotlight Series 24


Hello everyone and welcome back to another Indie Spotlight Series. This is the third week in a row that is relatively heavy for the world of Independent comics. I’m really looking forward to a bunch of books this week, so let’s jump right in.


Amber Blake 1 (1:10 Incentive Variant) – IDW

Everyone has those books that just scream at you from week to week as you walk by them on the shelf and for me this week it’s gonna be Amber Blake 1 the 1:10 Nodet incentive cover. I’m digging this book for a of couple reasons.. not just the breathtaking art on the cover. For starters the premise of the story is one that I think could really be awesome. It almost sounds like a version of X men where professor X is actually abusing the gifted ones before one child rises up. This book is also seeing very strong presales on the secondary market as all cheap copies are gone! Cheapest listing is $30 as I write this article. I think this book will be very hard to find when Wednesday rolls around. All of those reasons make this book my PICK OF THE WEEK


Stiletto 1 of 3 Officer Down – Lion Forge Entertainment

I absolutely love the premise of this new mini-series from Lion Forge written by Palle Schmidt. This one follows the storyline of Slain Cops which leads to major conspiracy and I’m a total sucker for conspiracy type books. Another thing that I love about this book is the cover art, as it is very eye catching. Schmidt is another one of those talented individuals that does all the writing and artwork himself. Another thing to think about is how Hollywood seems to be looking more and more at mini-series and if the story is done right, then this one will definitely fit the bill. I wouldn’t overlook this book if you see it on Wednesday for cover price and if it sounds like your thing.


Blood Realm 1 Volume 2 – Alterna Comics

I have been an advocate of this series since it came out and was thrilled when I found out there would be a volume 2!! Robert Geronimo, another writer/artist,  is the man behind this hit series. The story and artwork are so simple yet so mind blowing at the same time! I can’t wait to see where this volume takes us as Geronimo builds this world of terror for us to enjoy through his amazing storytelling and great art! Stock is already showing low at Diamond and there are none listed on ebay as I write this. This will definitely be another book to keep your eye on come Wednesday.


Bronze Age Boogie 1 – Ahoy Comics

This is my head scratcher of the week and it comes to us from Ahoy Comics. This book promises to bring all the loved genres of the 70s back under one roof.  I’m talking Kung Fu, Apes, cosmic adventure and monsters.  Sounds just crazy enough to work!  Maybe………….. Fingers crossed. They are also billing this one heavily as a 1st issue collectors item that will have some other side stories in it, supposed first appearances and such. Who really knows how this will turn out but I will take a shot at cover price. Only 1 listed on ebay as of now.


Die 5 – (Mack Cover B) – Image Comics

Die as a series just keeps getting hotter and hotter and I don’t think this issue will be any different. This is the end of the first story arc and promises to be an action packed issue!  If you haven’t got on the Die train yet it’s not to late!  The Mack cover B is already on back order at Diamond and only a handful of pre sales left on ebay. I think this will be the cover of choice for sure. I honestly can’t say enough to convey how good of a read this series has been and how much I am looking forward to this issue.


Sleeper Pick


Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary One Shot – IDW

Growing up in the late 80’s and early 90’s ghostbusters was a staple! Egon, Ray, Winston, Peter and Slimer were some of my favorite characters of that time and IDW is bringing them back in a one shot for the 35th anniversary. There will be 4 weekly release with 4 different teams taking center stage each time in this series of one shots.  This one really peaks my interest because it’s the original team and to top it all off it’s a shark cover!!!!!!  Follow the guys as they go on the hunt for Atlantis.  I honestly think this book may be a ghost (haha ghost haha), so be on the lookout and keep an eye on ebay, as there is only 1 listed as of now.


Also Watch Out For These Titles Releasing This Week


Curse Words Spring Has Sprung One Shot

Image Comics

Eclipse 14

Image Comics

Gasolina 17

Image Comics

Paper Girls 27

Image Comics

Redlands 12

Image Comics

Section Zero 1 of 6 (Volume 2)

Image Comics

Self Made 5

Image Comics

Vindication 3

Image Comics

Walking Dead 190

Image Comics

Black Hammer 45 #2

Dark Horse Comics

Frozen Reunion Rd. 2

Dark Horse Comics

Girl in the Bay 3

Dark Horse Comics

Halo Lone Wolf 4

Dark Horse Comics

Witcher of Flesh and Flame 4

Dark Horse Comics

G.I Joe Real American Hero 260


Giant Killers One Shot

IDW (Prestige Format)

Lodger 4

IDW Black Crown

Night Moves 4


Obey Me 1


Six Million Dollar Man 2


Jim Henson Storytellers Sirens 1

Boom Studios

Rocko’s Modern Afterlife 1

Boom Studios (I like the Corona Variant and could be another sleeper)


Amigo Comics (Launching crossovers all across their universe.  I like the idea , so we will see how this one goes.)

Dead Kings 4

Aftershock Comics

Divinity 1 (Dollar Debut)


Feast or Famine 3 of 3


Monster Sized Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Archie Comics ( Combines issues 6 – 8 from the original series with an all new Robert Hack cover.

Hellchild Blood Money



Alterna Comics

Lady Death Apocalyptic Abyss

Coffin Comics

Oberon 3

Aftershock Comics

Powers in Action 2

Action Lab

Shadow Play 3

Scout Comics

Unit 44

Alterna Comics

Red Sonja 3



Last Week’s Updates


Neon Future 1 – Impact Theory LLC

I liked the story and will definitely be picking up issue 2. This book made the Hot 10 list from Mr Stein this week and deservedly so.  Sales on this book have been very strong. Over 45 sales on Ebay alone since Wednesday with all covers selling for over $10.  Covers A, B and F are seeing the most movement.  As I write this all covers are currently still available at the publishers website.  I had no idea how the publisher shipped but thanks to TheRealJenk we now have some insight.  He shared in the comments section last week that he had purchased two copies and both arrived looking great, very timely and only charged him $1 for shipping!!! Thanks TheRealJenk.


Star Bastard 1 – Scout Comics

Not a ton of movement on this one on the secondary market yet but nonetheless a very entertaining read.  I can definitely see this one adapting well to the big screen. Keep in mind there is also a special Scout online store exclusive that’s only available there. If option news break, that will be the one to have folks.


These Savage Shores 1 Black and White Vault Lines Edition – Vault Comics

Not a ton of movement on this book either however there are definitely not a bunch out either. Few sales above cover but it can still be found for the $5.99 cover price. If you haven’t read the amazing story now is your chance to get on board at a decent price.


Sabrina The Teenage Witch 1 (cover C)  Archie Comics

Another one that can still be found at cover price as of now but starting to see more and more listings at $7 to $8 as cheap copies are getting snatched up. One to watch for sure over the next few weeks.


30 Days of Night 100 page Giant – IDW

Can still be found at cover price but this one seems to have the scarcity factor covered as very few are listed. I have not been able to read this one yet, so if you have I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.


Sleeper Pick


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 37 Mercado FOC variant – Boom Studios

This has been a very hard book to find and its commanding $10 now on the secondary market with sales as high as $15. Don’t sleep on this book.


Thanks again for reading and I enjoyed seeing all the comments last week. Happy Hunting!



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