Indie Spotlight Series 25


Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of Indie Spotlight Series. A very light week for Independent titles but nevertheless there should still be some good reads, cool covers and a few flip opportunities. Let’s get to it.


Faithless 1 (Cover B Erotica Polybagged Cover)

Boom Studios

Boom Studios seems to be breaking their trend and attacking a new kind of story in Faithless 1. The solicits bill this as a story of self exploration, erotocism and maybe even love. I will say that the premise is not something I would normally take note of or even want to read however, there are a couple things that have this book on my radar. First off is the creative team that has been assembled. New York Times bestselling author and writer of Batman Damned  Brian Azzarello and Eisner Award winning artist Paul Pope make this a must read. Couple that with SALES SALES SALES and I’m in! This book has a massive amount of presales. The Cover B erotica cover seems to be moving the fastest and has seen sales upwards of $8 already. Something tells me there will be some shops that wont put that cover in their shops even though it’s polybagged so this book being underordered is a very real possibility. This is my Pick of the Week.



The Source 3

Scout Comics

If I had to pick a book that I was most looking forward to reading this week it would be The Source 3 from Scout Comics. If you are not reading this series I highly recommend it!!  Don Handfields writing and world building is stellar and if magic is your thing then this book is for you! Keep in mind that this series has already been optioned and there may be more first appearances and key moments in these early issues. I know there has been an awful lot of time in between issues but with James Haick at the helm of Scout Comics now  I have no doubt you will see this problem disappear.



She Could Fly 1 The Lost Pilot

Dark Horse Comics/ Berger Books

She Could Fly 1 The Lost Pilot is the second volume of the critically acclaimed mini series written by Christopher Cantwell that was published under the Berger Books banner.

This book is a mind bender that will touch your soul. The book deals with a young woman as the main character who is battling mental illness and trying to solve mysteries that intrigue her. This book may not be for everyone read wise but there may also be some spec value down the road. Cantwell has ties to AMC as his show Halt and Catch Fire ran from 2014 to 2017 and had 40 episodes. I will be picking this one up as a read and long term hold.



Fairlady 1

Image Comics

Fantasy world meets detective in this new title from Image Comics. The premise didn’t blow me away by any means but the preview I saw looked very intriguing. Soldier returning home after a battle like no other. A battle so devastating that soldiers are no longer needed. This is the story of how one soldier found her way after that, leading her to become a detective! With all the option news going on lately, this is another one that I wouldn’t overlook as a long term hold if you pass by it at your LCS. Keep in mind that there is also a Ashcan out there that looks almost identical to cover A except its black and white. If movie or tv news does break that will definitely be the one to have. They have been selling for right around $8 but expect that to go up some after release day.



Cold Blood Samurai 1

Action Lab Ent.

Head Scratcher of the week by far!!!!  If you just read the title of this book you may be thinking to yourself “this is about a badass samurai that takes no prisoners”… you would be WRONG just like me.  Instead this book is about lizards vs frogs. AHHHHHHHHHH cold blooded. Yep this one is out there folks and may be out there just far enough to work.  The premise is the frogs are trying to protect their homeland from some very aggressive colonizing lizards. Honestly, the first thing that came to mind after I saw the characters in this story was the old Super Nintendo game BATTLETOADS!!!!!  I loved that game and am definitely showing my age but oh well. This pick may be nostalgia driven but I’m in!



Worth A Read


Stiletto 1 Officer Down

Lion Forge Ent.

Very impressed with issue 1 to say the least and can’t wait for the next one. The story follows two officers who have been put on an investigation into the murders of two of their own. This issue does a great job of world building as we are introduced to all of the main players in the book and we learn a little something about each one. You see the two main characters partnership from all angles.. caring, joking, brotherly and then the big surprise at the end. Lots of little head scratchers in this book that may end up being clues.  No spoilers here but if you’re a fan of mystery crime stories then this may be the book for you!. Highly recommended read!!  Also, I love the look of the book itself. The cover is a glossy card stock material and the book stands out among others. I can definitely see this title getting the option nod down the road.



Also Watch Out For These Titles Releasing This Week


Die 4 Second Print

Image Comics

Gunning for Hits 4

Image Comics

Hit Girl Season Two 3

Image Comics

Infinite Dark 5

Image Comics

Little Bird 1 Second Print

Image Comics (new cover art)

Murder Falcon 7

Image Comics

Oblivion Song 14

Image Comics

Outer Darkness 6

Image Comics

Prodigy 5

Image Comics

Rat Queen Spe Swamp Romp – One Shot

Image Comics

Savage Dragon 243

Image Comics

Anthem 2

Dark Horse

Astro Hustle 2 of 4

Dark Horse (tread light, turmoil with author)

Disney Incredibles 2 Secret Identity 1

Dark Horse

Duck Tales 20


Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary Real Ghostbusters


Army of Darkness Bubba Ho Tep #3

Dynamite Comics Cover C Hack

By Night 10

Boom Studios

Empty Man 6

Boom Studios

Go Go Power Rangers 19

Boom Studios

Ronin Island 2

Boom Studios

Blackening 4 of 6


Life and Death of Toyo Harada 2


Life Wire 5


Orphan Age 1

Aftershock (sleeper pick 1:10 variant )

Punchline 1 Second Print

Antarctic Press

Sweetie 2

Action Lab

Zombie Tramp Ongoing 58

Action Lab


Last Week’s Updates


Amber Blake 1 (1:10 Incentive)


Well this book has gone bonkers!!!!! Selling for over $70 now with only one Buy it Now on ebay for $150! Cheap copies of the regular cover are drying up as well. This is a hot underordered book. I have not had a chance to read my copy yet but hope to soon!


Stiletto 1 Officer Down

Lion Forge Ent.

I really enjoyed the substance of this book. Can still be found at cover and may be one to watch long term.



Blood Realm Vol. 2 # 1

Alterna Comics

All cover price copies have dried up and there is 1 listing as of now for $5. Keep in mind this book only had a $1.50 cover price as is the case with all Alterna titles. Great read as well as Robert Geronimo showcases his talents yet again.



Bronze Age Boogie 1

Ahoy Comics

Can still be found at cover price everywhere. I have not had a chance to read this one yet but it is on the short list.



Die 5 Mack Variant

Image Comics

Cheap copies of this book are drying up quick. Most listings are now double cover price. Nothing left to say about the quality of this series. If you haven’t caught on yet, HURRY!!!!


Sleeper Pick


Ghostbusters 35 Anniv. One Shot




Was lucky enough to snag a copy as these were very hard to find. Listings are now showing up on ebay as well. Love the cover and glad to own one for the PC.


Thanks for reading and as always happy hunting!





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