Indie Spotlight Series 28


Hello everyone and welcome back to Indie Spotlight Series. After several huge weeks in a row this is a relatively small one volume wise. However, I still think there will be plenty of great books to be found this week. Lets Jump in.


Rejected Unwilling One Shot

Source Point Press

The Rejected has been one of Source Point Presse’s most sought after titles thus far and it’s back again with an all new one shot. I don’t think this book will have the same heat as the first series however, sales are already trending up. There have been two sales on ebay for over $20 to date!  If you miss out finding this book at your LCS the publisher’s website still has copies in stock. Keep in mind there is a $5.99 cover price on this book as well.This is my pick of the week.



Nobody Is In Control 1 of 4

Black Mask Studios

Nobody Is In Control from Black Mask Studios is definitely my head scratcher of the week. Very hard to find any info on this book other than the amazing but vague premise….. A man lives miles away from civilization and sees a stranger run through his back yard. Upon investigation,  the man is drug into years of conspiracy!  Like I said, vague but intriguing.  If you’re a conspiracy theory nut, like myself, then you may not want to let this one pass you by this week at your LCS.



Hashtag Danger 1

Ahoy Comics

You may be saying to yourself, “why does Hashtag Danger sound familiar?”. If you’re a reader of High Heaven, then thats your answer. These 3  heroes ( and I use that word loosely) now have their own stand alone series instead of just a couple page spread in another book. Not really my speed but there are a ton of people out there who really dig the silly humor so be on the lookout as this one could have a niche market.



Twiztid Haunted High Ons Darkness Rises 1

Source Point Press

Most of you probably have no idea who Twiztid is.. so let me start there. In the early  90’s there were two similar RAP groups in the Detroit Area, Insane Clown Posse and Twiztid. Both groups have cult like followings and both play a type of music called supernatural horror.  Both groups still exist today and are on different paths with some so called behind the scenes beef.  Sounds like it’s right out of a comic book doesn’t it haha. Twiztid has appeared in a comic book before from Source Point Press, a one shot called Haunted High Ons.  This is a $10 book on ebay but can still be found at the publishers website for cover price. Now they have a new series coming out this week called Darkness Rises.  With such a rabid fan base, I would keep my eyes on this book in the future.



Descendent 1

Aftershock Comics

Descendent is a new title from Aftershock comics with a very interesting premise.  It starts with a Senator’s son going missing but that’s just the tip of the Iceberg.  Conspiracies, murder and ancient coverups make this story sound epic to me. This book is way up there on my reader radar buzz.  There is a 1:10 ratio variant that I will be picking up on Wednesday. Can’t sleep on Aftershock books that have a great premise with all the movie buzz going on around there!




Sleeper Pick



Five Years 1

Abstract Studios

Probably not a huge sleeper, but a sleeper to me nonetheless. Terry Moore has a monstrous  following and this book may appeal to ALL of them.  Five Years is a book that will supposedly tie all his properties together.  I know some collectors that are already foaming at the mouth for this book…… Low print run combined with demand are what has my eyes on this title. May heat up, you never know with today’s market though.



Ghost Tree 1


Lots of buzz surrounding this book and rightfully so in my opinion after reading it. The book  starts out with a young boy making a promise to his grandfather. The promise.. he would come back to the tree where they now stand 10 years after the death of the Grandfather. The boy says yes and we flash forward as the man is now on his way back to his homeland.  We, the readers, assume that it’s because of his 10 year promise but it’s not.

Apparently this choice was made subconsciously by another power as the man seems to not remember the promise.  Turns out he is running from his life in the U.S.A. that is crumbling before him.  Once he is back in his grandfather’s old house the tree summons him so to speak. He comes face to face with his grandfather who starts to explain to him the secret of the Ghost Tree…….. There is also another big twist at the end that I will not spoil. Highly recommended read!

** This is now a $10 to $12 dollar book. ***



Also Watch Out For These Titles Releasing This Week



Die 5 Second Print

Image Comics

Eclipse 15

Image Comics

Gogor 1

Image Comics (looks interesting and could also be another long term sleeper)

Paper Girls 28

Image Comics

Self Made 6

Image Comics

Walking Dead 191

Image Comics

Beasts of Burden Presence of Others 1 of 2

Dark Horse Comics (really like the sound of this book as well and it will definitely be another one to watch long term)

Black Hammer 45 #3

Dark Horse Comics

Girl in the Bay 4

Dark Horse Comics

From Hell Master Edition 5


Goosebumps Horrors of the Witch House 1


My Little Pony Friendship is Magic 77


TMNT Urban Legends 12


Battlestar Galactica Twilight Command 2


Obey Me 2


Red Sonja 4


Six Million Dollar Man 3


Rocko’s Modern Afterlife 2


Cold Blood Samurai 2

Action Lab Ent.

Danger Doll Squad Pres. 1

Action Lab Ent.

Devil Within 4

Black Mask Studios

Dragonsblood 1


Fallen World 1

Valiant (something makes me keep picking up these new Valiant #1s …)

Floppy Cop 1

Source Point Press

Grumble 6

Albatross Funnybooks

Heros at Large 2

Antarctic Press

Hillbilly Red Eyed Witchery From Beyond 4 of 4

Albatross Funnnybooks

Laurel and Hardy 1

American Mythology Productions

Null Faeries 4

Action Lab Ent.

Offbeats 2

Antarctic Press

Punchline 6

Antarctic Press (still no image for the Chained variant which is making me wonder now)

Spencer and Locke 2 #1

Action Lab Ent.

Tank Girl 4

Titan Comics

Trump Space Force

Antarctic Press

Turnbuckle Titans 3 Nikolai Volkoff

Antarctic Press (I think this book will be sought after to help complete sets)

Vamplets Undead Pet Society 1

Action Lab Ent.



Last Week’s Updates



Amber Blake 2 (1:10 Incentive Variant)

No surprise here $100 book! This book is a virtual Ghost!!!! If you were lucky enough to find it CONGRATS!  Story keeps getting better as well.



Weed Magic Volume 3

Bliss on Tap

Epic Cover – Check! Loved It!  Love the price tag on this book as well $4.20!

Still found at cover if you missed out.



Achilles Inc.

Source Point Press

Still found at cover price, but can’t say enough about the quality of the read!!!!!  Great book and will be making an appearance in my WORTH A READ section next week!!!



Electric Black 1

Scout Comics

Have not been able to read this book yet, but it’s on my short list. I have heard nothing but good things about it.  Can still be found at cover price but those are drying up it.



Spawn 296

Image Comics

Still found at cover and a definite long term hold for me.



Sleeper Pick


Queen of Bad Dreams 1

Vault Comics

Once again have not gotten to read this one yet, but will by next week. Still found at cover price as of now.

Thanks again to everyone who reads and comments. Good luck this week.




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