Indie Spotlight Series 3

Hey everyone and welcome back. This is a huge week for the Independent Comic scene, so let’s jump right in!


1. Rags #2

This is issue #2 in the scorching hot series from Antarctic Press. Honestly, I don’t know much about the story because I haven’t been able to get my hands on a copy of #1. That being said, there is no denying that this series is out of control!  Issue #2 is strong out the gate with a $45 price tag on cover A on the secondary market. The silver cover B variant has seen sales right at $100! So I’m saying don’t miss out on this one, that is, if you can find it!


2. Empty Man #1

The next chapter in the sci-fi /horror series written by Cullen Bunn and published by Boom Studios is upon us and I, for one, am so ready for it! It picks up where the first series (2014) leaves off.  Supposedly it has a much more personal take on what’s going on in this world that he has built. Bunn spoke of how his mind was in an interesting place when he wrote the 2014 series and said he is back in that same unique place for this one.  Obviously he did something exceptional on the first one as it has developed a huge following as well as a movie in production with 20th Century Fox. I’m sold on it for now and will be looking to pick up the Hervas variant.



3. Road of the Dead : Highway to Hell 1

I first heard about this book on the Unpressable Defects Podcast (if you don’t listen YOU SHOULD). Written by N.Y. Times best selling author Jonathan Maberry (V-Wars), this one sounds like an action packed cross between Walking Dead and Mad Max.  Don’t let the book pass you by as Maberry has a nice following. Furthermore, the book should have a smaller print run. There is a 1:10 ratio variant done by Santiperez that has already had sales above ratio at $15 and would be my cover of choice.



4. Outer Darkness #1

Once again, another sci-fi/horror series but this one is from Image comics. My first thought was.. GEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZ another Star Trek type story, but after looking at the preview as well as doing research this one seems like much more. It adds a whole different dynamic when you find out where people go once they die. I will have to check out #1 and go for the virgin variant cover.


(Can’t Find Virgin cover. Cover A in pic)


5. Spawn #291

Though I have yet to lay my eyes on it, this book is an absolute must have just for the cover itself! Yes, you heard that right. Spawn #291 from Image comics has a cover B that is supposed to have cover art from Francesco Mattina AND Todd Mcfarlane. If this is the case, with a cover price of $3.99 I’m in no matter what the final art looks like! Keep your eyes open on this one because if the cover is epic it may get hot.


(No Image Released yet on this Cover)


B.O.L.O. (Be On the Lookout) for these titles also releasing this week:


Seven to Eternity 12 – Image Comics

Farmhand 5 – Image Comics

Death Orb 2 – Dark Horse Comics  (issue #1 was a great read)

Sparrow Hawk 2 – Boom Studios

Fearscape 2 – Vault Comics

Punch Line 1 (Road Trip variant) – Antarctic Press


***** Worth A Read ******


OGRE 1 – Source Point Press

Extraordinary book in my opinion! I liked it way better than the Rejected but that’s just me. The art in this one won’t blow you away but the story sure does carry it! Writer Bob Salley has built an impressive world in issue #1 with some fantastic characters in it. Definitely check this one out!



Last Week’s Updates


Sex Death Revolution #1 – Black Mask

S.D.R. was an mediocre read. I would have thought the story would develop more with it being a double issue. Not fast paced or full of twists like I expected, but it was only issue #1. Nevertheless, I will give issue #2 a shot when it comes out. These can still be found at cover price all over the place.



Edgar Allen Poe’s Snifter of Terror #1- Ahoy Comics

This book was a win all the way around! The second story was so peculiar  and sublime, and it worked! Just what I would expect from something with Poe’s name on it! Great read and selling for $10 plus on the aftermarket.



Man Eaters 2 – Image comics (Iridescent cover)

Haven’t got to read yet, but strong sales on this cover so far for sure. We will have to watch this one in the upcoming weeks to see if the sales continue. Only one left at cover as I am writing this.



Stranger Things 2 – Dark Horse Comics ( Greg Ruth Variant)

Lots of sales but can still be found at cover price.



Blood Realm 2 – Alterna Comics

This is now a $8 book and also has helped heat the #1 back up.  Heres your CBSI tip for the day: these can be found on Etsy for cover price.. as I write this there are 90 copies still left. Better hurry!




Thanks again for reading!


Indie Spotlight Series


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