Indie Spotlight Series 33


Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of Indie Spotlight Series. After a monsterous week last week this one shouldn’t be as bad on your wallet.  Let’s jump right in and see what there is that might be worth taking a look at.


Category Zero 1

Scout Comics

Category Zero comes to us this week from Scout Comics and could be one to watch out for. The premise centers on an airborne virus that infects the earth’s population. Although it infects everyone, only the people with a certain gene begin to develop extraordinary abilities. These people are known as the one percenters, and they now face a lifetime of being jailed, tested and discarded like trash… until one day a man brings on the uprising!  I will definitely be picking this one up on Wednesday and hoping for a good read.  PS-the premise seems easily adaptable to TV or Movie.


Ignited #1

Humanoids Inc.

Although the premise of this book is somewhat vague it has still caught my eye.  It centers around a school that is just coming back to session from the summer break. No smiling or  laughing kids because everyone is still haunted from what happened at the end of last year. Both students and teachers were lost and many lives changed in ways that are unimaginable and supernatural.  With all of the violence in today’s world finding its way into the school systems I’m anxious to see how this book plays out and where the supernatural element comes into play.  Definitely one that is on my radar.  There is also a 1:5 incentive variant for this book. This will be new publisher Humanoids Inc. first ever ongoing title as well.


Rock & Roll Biography Testament

Acme Ink

Testament, one of San Francisco’s greatest thrash metal bands of all time, jammed into one bad ass comic with one BAD ASS cover!!!  This book will take you through the bands origin right up to current day.  Also sounds like there will be a side story that covers Spastik Children, another little known Bay Area band that saw members from Metallica and Faith No More.  This series did well on the secondary market with their story on the band Tool earlier this year.  That book saw sales of $30 and has since settled to a $15 book.  None of the Testament books listed yet on eBay as I write this.


Boogily Heads 1

Devils Due

This one comes to us from the creative mind of Gus Fink, an Instagram sensation! If you are not following him on IG make sure and do so as his artwork is eye popping and has a style of its own!  This story is billed as a horror for all ages and gives me a Spook House (Albatross Funnybooks) vibe.  I will be interested to see how this book does with Fink having such a huge following.  Cover A is already trending above cover price.  There is also a 1:10 incentive variant to be on the lookout for.


Thumbs 1

Image Comics

Imagine if Mark Zuckerberg created his own army of computer obsessed teens and had them take over the government… yep, that’s the premise they are pitching for this one and it’s definitely out there.  Hey, sometimes way out there works!  Also, I have learned not to sleep on an Image #1 on release day for cover price.  Not sure how this one will play out but I will definitely be looking to pick it up tomorrow.



Also Watch Out For These Titles Releasing This Week



Criminal 5

Image Comics

Eclipse 16

Image Comics

Man Eaters 9

Image Comics

Paper Girls 29

Image Comics

Section Zero 3

Image Comics

Sharky The Bounty Hunter 4

Image Comics

Walking Dead 192

Image Comics (oversized issue and Robert Kirkham has eluded to this being a key book)

Witchblade 14

Image Comics

Beasts of Burden, Presence of Others 2

Dark Horse Comics

Black Hammer ‘45 World of Black Hammer 4

Dark Horse Comics

Disney Frozen Hero Within 1

Dark Horse Comics  (first appearance in this book)

Sword Daughter 7

Dark Horse Comics

Obey Me 3

Dynamite Ent.

Red Sonja 5

Dynamite Ent.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 5

Boom! Studios

Rockos Modern Afterlife 3

Boom! Studios

Ronin Island 4

Boom! Studios

Blood Realm Vol. 2 # 2

Alterna Comics

Boogily Heads 1

Devils Due (watch out for the 1:10 incentive variant)

Dead Sonja 1


Descendent 2


Fallen World 2

Valiant Ent.

Hashtag Danger 2

Ahoy Comics

Lady Mechanika Sangre 1

Benitez Prod.

Once Our Land Book Two #4

Scout Comics

Princess Revolution 1

Scout Comics

Star Bastard 3

Scout Comics

Stronghold 4

Aftershock Comics

Unit 44 # 3

Alterna Comics

Volition 6




Last Week’s Updates



Wailing Blade 1

Great read and both A and B cover are selling for right around $10 before shipping! Definitely one to watch down the road.  Print run on this book will be very small.


Horror Comics 1

Antarctic Press

I actually enjoyed this book and am looking forward to the next issue.  It definitely has that pre-code horror feel to it!  Cover A seems to be doing the best out of the two books as it saw some sales around $8. Keep in mind that cover B had a $9.99 cover price attached to it.


Killer Groove 1

Aftershock Comics

I have to say, this was another great read from last week and I can’t wait until issue 2 hits shelves!  Can still be found everywhere at cover price and the 1:10 incentive can also be picked up cheap.  Don’t sleep on this one……


Battlecats Volume 2 # 1

Mad Cave Studios

What can I say other than epic art, solid story and highly recommended.  Be sure to keep your eyes open for that sneak preview edition that is floating around out there as well.  Can still be found at cover price but they seem to be drying up.


She Said Destroy 1

Vault Comics

Have not been able to read this one yet so if you have please let us know what you thought in the comments section.  Covers A and B can still be found at cover price.


Amber Blake 3


Story continues to be on point and the ratio variants continue to sell well.  This 1:10 incentive is selling for just over $30. Not bad for an issue 3!


Angel 1

Boom! Studios

Haven’t had the chance to read this one either but it’s on the top of my list!  All covers can still be found at cover price and the 1:25 is selling for under ratio.  Don’t sleep on these books either!


Thanks again to everyone who reads and comments! Good luck tomorrow!



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