Indie Spotlight Series 34


Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of Indie Spotlight Series. This week is full of great reads, awesome cover art and some potential spec winners, so let’s jump right in.


Sonata 1

Image Comics

Sonata 1 from Image Comics is the book I am most looking forward to reading this week as the premise is right up my alley.  I must admit I have seen some of what’s inside and I think that’s what is leading to my anticipation.  Two clans that are different in every way imaginable are about to clash in what they both believe is the Promised Land.  Don’t sleep on this one, as it has all the makings to be huge. There is also a Comicspro variant and a Diamond Retailers Summit variant that may be the ones to have, however they are already very pricey. That in itself should tell you how much buzz is surrounding this series.


V Wars God of Death One Shot


With the movie looming ever closer this one shot from IDW may be one to watch.  V Wars already has a cult following and the movie is yet to drop.  If Umbrella Academy taught us anything it’s dont sleep on a Netflix spec these days. I call it the Umbrella effect and can’t wait to see which one will be next to explode after a Netflix launch.  We have no idea which way they will go with the show and anything is possible at this point. In this one we get another Luther Swann story and could it be THE ONE????  Never know, if not now then maybe sometime…….


Carpenters Tales Sci/Fi Nuclear Attack 1

Storm King Productions

As everyone knows I’m a sucker for conspiracy stories and I think this one may fit the bill.  This follows the story of a family, or well THE FAMILY, that was supposed to be the USA’s savior to mankind after the nuclear holocaust with Russia.  Only problem was this attack never happened but the preparation for it did… a group of hunters stumble upon something in the Pennsylvania woods that should have remained hidden. This is one that I won’t miss picking up tomorrow.


Archie 705 (Archie and Sabrina Part 1)

Archie Comics

We all know how hot Archie Comics have been lately and Sabrina is somewhat to thank for that.  Well, now we have a new chapter in Archie Comics that brings the Golden Boy, Archie, and the star, Sabrina, together.  I think this may be a solid long term hold as the possibilities in this universe are endless.  I know,  I know it’s Archie Horror which is different, but you never know nowadays how things will shake out in the future.


Trust Fall 1

Aftershock Comics

Aftershock quick flips have been ice cold lately but sometimes it’s not all about the short game!  Aftershock continues to put out good stories  and in the end that is what makes a great spec book.  I have said it before and I will say it again… they didn’t dedicate someone to media deals for nothing!!!  The premise of this story is another that has my attention.  A crime family with a uniquely talented individual that is great for the business of heists!!!  Imagine being able to teleport anything!!!  Well anything but yourself… It’s about family crime and betrayal and it’s another book that I will definitely be picking up tomorrow.


Also Watch Out For These Titles Releasing This Week


Excellence 1 Second print

Image Comics

Gogor 2

Image Comics

Gunning for Hits

Image Comics

Oblivion Song 16

Image Comics

Prodigy 6 of 6

Image Comics

Ride Burning Desire 1

Image Comics

Unnatural 10

Image Comics

Calamity Kate 4

Dark Horse Comics

She Could Fly Lost Pilot 3

Dark Horse Comics

Umbrella Academy Hotel Oblivion 7

Dark Horse Comics (may contain a first appearance)

Amber Blake 1 Second Print


G.I. Joe 263


Glow 2


My Little Pony Friendship is Magic 78

IDW (love the B cover)

Transformers 7


Red Sonja Birth of She Devil 1


By Night 12

Boom! Studios

Empty Man 8

Boom! Studios

Jim Henson’s Storyteller Sirens 3

Boom! Studios

Aberrant Season Two #3

Action Lab (killing lately on covers.. jeopardy this week and I’m in)

Achilles Inc. 3

Source Point Press

Afterburn Crossfire 2

Red 5 Comics

The Blackening 5

Amigo Comics

Bronze Age Boogie 3

Ahoy Comics

Carson of Venus Warlord of Mars 1

American Mythology

Caspers Spookville 1

American Mythology

Donald Who Laughs 1

Keenspot Ent. (there is a Lenticular cover for this one that should be cool)

Five Years 2

Abstract Studios

Gargantuan 0 and 1

Amigo Comics

Grumble 7

Albatross Funny Books

Jug Head Time Police 1

Archie Comics

Life and Death of Toyo Harada 4

Valiant Ent.

The Mall 4

Scout Comics

Megaghost 5 of 5

Albatross Funny Books

Morning In America 4

Oni Press

Null Fairies 6

Action Lab

Orphan Age 3

Aftershock Comics

Rick and Morty Presents Meeseeks 1

Oni Press


Last Week’s Updates


Category Zero 1

Scout Comics

Absolutely loved this story as it definitely has that X-men feel to it.  Massive cliffhanger at the end that will leave you begging for issue 2.  This hit all the right notes and I highly recommend it!  All cheap copies have dried up on eBay and this is now an $8 book on the secondary market.


Ignited 1

Humanoids Inc.

I loved this story as well  and not to sound redundant but it also had that X-men feel to it in some ways.  This one also deals with some modern day issues and seems to do it well.  Spot on and another highly recommended read.  Cheap copies of this one are also drying up and we have seen sales above cover.  I would definitely keep an eye on this one.


Rock and Roll Biography Testament

Acme Ink

Could not get my hands on this one.  Very Scarce with only two listed on eBay as of now.


Boogily Heads 1

Devil’s Due Comics

I liked this one and the incentive cover B is doing well on the secondary market with sales around $15 to $20 bucks.  Story didn’t wow me but the art did and it all worked beautifully together.  Don’t sleep on this one over the long haul.  Gus Fink will be a name to remember.


Thumbs 1

Image Comics

Have not had the chance to read this one yet but it has gotten favorable reviews so it definitely sounds worth checking out.  Can still be found at cover price everywhere.


Thanks again for reading and good luck out there tomorrow!



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